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Top Travel Beauty Tips – OROGOLD Reviews

//Top Travel Beauty Tips – OROGOLD Reviews

Whether you’re traveling across the world for a week on a tropical beach, or you’re jumping on the train for a weekend break, traveling can be stressful, and looking good while traveling can be even more so. These top travel beauty tips from OROGOLD Cosmetics will have you smiling with confidence throughout your journey, knowing that you look as good as you feel.

Bright Eyes
After a long trip, your eyes can sometimes become slightly puffy, and, if you’ve been watching movies or reading a book for the duration of your journey, you can often find yourself with red, watery eyes. Always travel with some eye drops, especially if you have a long journey, as these will help to refresh your eyes. To combat under-eye puffiness, crush some ice in a washcloth and hold it under your eyes. Cucumber eye pads that have been pre-soaked and refrigerated before traveling will also do wonders for puffy, red eyes.

Travel sized containers lying on top of a travel bag.

Miniature Containers
Downsizing all your beauty products is essential if you want to carry them on to a plane, due to security regulations. It is also useful if you’re planning to travel light, but can’t bear the thought of being separated from all of your products. Many brands come in travel-sized containers, but you can also purchase empty travel-safe containers from your local drugstore and fill them with your favorite products. If you are confused about which makeup items you can take on the plane, swap your lip glosses for lipsticks, your mascara for a caked mascara, and your concealer for a powder, and you are ready to fly.

Woman spraying water on her face.

Face Misting
Rather than applying another layer of foundation or blush to refresh your makeup, spraying a water mist onto your face does the job in a much better way. Carry a small sprayer in your bag, and fill it with rose water or mineral water to keep your skin hydrated. Once you have misted your face, a hydrating serum will help to lock in all of that moisture.

Fashionable woman wearing a sunglass and a scarf.

Hair Control
Keeping your hair healthy and in control can often be hard whilst traveling, especially if you’re on a plane and have to deal with the dry air and static. Tying your hair in a scarf will help to keep it tidy and out of the way, and, if you apply a leave-in conditioner before tying on the scarf, you’ll be able to enjoy some deep conditioning while traveling. Always carry a good hairbrush with you, and, if you fly frequently, it may be worth investing in some hair shine paper to help reduce static and dullness. If you have greasy hair that takes time to wash, dry and style, a dry shampoo will be able to help you keep your hair looking and feeling healthy for longer.

Looking fabulous while traveling needn’t be hard if you follow our top travel beauty tips. Traveling quickly dries out your skin, so in addition to your usual beauty products, be sure to also pack a good moisturizer, as well as a hand and eye cream, and use these liberally throughout your trip.

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