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Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline – OROGOLD Reviews

//Pre-Wedding Beauty Timeline – OROGOLD Reviews

The months leading up to your wedding are exciting, fun, stressful, and nerve wrecking, to say the least. With so much to do, and so many last minute things to get into place, the last thing you need to do is worry about your skin and beauty responsibilities. That’s why OROGOLD has developed this pre-wedding beauty timeline; to offer you an organized way to develop your beauty and skin care options and regimen long before the big day arrives. Your wedding may only last for one day, but the skin care and beauty treatments you begin to indulge in months in advance will ensure you look and feel your best once the big day arrives.

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7 Months before the Wedding Begins: Choose Your Makeup Artist
Your cosmetic application is as important on your wedding day as your choice in a wedding dress. Your cosmetics can tie your entire appearance together, and the color palette in which the artist uses can really make your features stand out, or ruin your entire look. That’s why it’s essential to having a great makeup artist on your side, one who has experience with venues such as weddings. Ask to see their portfolio, which contains photographs of other women they have applied makeup to, and ask if they are experienced in wedding cosmetic application. Having them come to you is an absolute must, as you want your cosmetics applied directly before the ceremony begins. By choosing a great makeup artist in advance, you will be able to secure a spot with them, book their services, and ensure you have that all taken care of and out of the way. That also eliminates the room for error in applying the cosmetics yourself, and gives you time to relax, sit back, and feel like a princess.

6 Months before the Wedding: Begin Skin Care Regimen
Choosing skin care products based on your skin type doesn’t need to be rocket science, but there is science involved behind products developed for your particular skin care needs. If you have dry skin, you are going to want to choose high quality products which moisturize well, without causing oily skin or acne. On the other end of the spectrum, those with oily skin will want to opt for an oil removing and controlling product line, that is free of oils in itself and isn’t infusing your skin with ingredients which may exacerbate the problem or cause other issues. Finding a skin care line that works for you comes with experimentation and experience. Researching products online and reading reviews from consumers like yourself will help you develop an educated opinion on the brands and products from each brand that would be best for you. Beginning a skin care regimen about 6 months prior to the big day will ensure you don’t have any adverse, unsightly reactions to the products, and will also give your skin time to look its best.

5 Months before the Big Day Arrives: Begin a Workout Regimen and Eat Clean
Let’s face it, ladies: we all want to look like perfection on our wedding day. What better way to look and feel great than to begin a workout regimen that will help to lose the excess pounds and tone and tighten all of your problem areas? Another important aspect of working out is to eat healthy and to eat clean. This will ensure you are as healthy as possible, while aiding the body in the weight loss and toning process. It will also help your skin to look its absolute best by ridding the body of excess toxins and even aids in cleaning out the pores. Remain in the mindstate that even though it may be difficult, it will be worth it. Continue with this lifestyle until the wedding – and hopefully long after to maintain health.

4 Months before the Wedding: Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Generally speaking, laser hair removal treatments are the best option in terms of removing unwanted hair. By completing this series of treatments, you will save money in the long run on buying razors, shaving gels and creams, and waxing strips, and you will also save precious time to use on other things – like spending an extra 10-20 minutes a day with the one you love. Not only is laser hair removal safe and effective, it is long lasting – the results are permanent. Treatments are done in a series and do require a few months until completion. Beginning laser hair removal treatments now will ensure you are silky smooth by your wedding day. If you would rather wax, wait until the week of your wedding, and have the process completed by a professional at least 3-4 days in advance to alleviate any unsightly irritation or bumps that may form due to the waxing process.

3 Months before the Wedding: Choose Your Wedding Day Hairstyle
By choosing your wedding hairstyle a while in advance, you will have the peace of mind in knowing what you are going to do, by whom, and where. Also, if you decide to change your mind last minute, you will have time to have developed other ideas in which you could present to your stylist at this point. It makes life easier to get it all done, pre-planned, and out of the way. Be sure you schedule your appointment with your stylist before-hand, which will ensure you that they will be available that specific date, and put your mind at ease. Ask if your stylist can come to you – if they can’t, it might be a good idea to look for someone who can. Many stylists specialize in formal and wedding hair styles, and so you should look around and weigh your options before committing to one particular stylist.

2 Months before the Wedding: Begin Tanning Regimen
If you want to have a beautiful, golden glow for the most important day in your life, now is the time to begin tanning to attain and maintain a perfect, golden brown tan. Going to the salon once per week will maintain a spray tan. OROGOLD suggests opting for a spray tan, as this is the safest, most natural looking method when it comes to tanning – and the tan can last for quite some time after receiving it. Many women see the effects of a spray tan for 1-2 weeks following the initial spray tan. You can, however, opt for more than one spray tan per week if you want a deeper glow. Avoid tanning beds and exposure to the sun for tanning as this can cause pre-mature aging to occur in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Also, UV exposure is the number one cause of the deadly skin cancer, melanoma.

1 Month before the Wedding: Begin Maintaining Your Nails and Toenails
Getting that initial mani/pedi out of the way is essential to give your nails and toenails that much needed makeover. By beginning a regimen to care for your nails and toes, you will not only look and feel fabulous, but by the second pedicure you get, your feet and toes will be smooth and beautiful, and your hands and fingernails will have had time to acclimate to being hangnail and ridge free. By the second manicure you receive, your hands will also be smooth, silky and beautiful. Obtaining a paraffin wax treatment will also help to ensure your hands are as soft and smooth as possible. The paraffin wax treatment should be reserved for your wedding week, to ensure your hands are soft and gentle to hold.  To recap, we suggest one manicure and pedicure one month in advance, followed by another the week of the wedding.

3 Weeks before the Wedding:  Increase Your Water Intake, and Begin Taking Biotin
Something that often goes overlooked is the amount of water we drink on a daily basis. By drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day, you are doing one of the best things you possibly can for your skin, hair and beauty. Water not only hydrates the body, but it rids it from impurities and also helps alleviate acne, which no woman wants to deal with on her wedding day. By beginning to take a biotin supplement now, which is a B complex vitamin, you will ensure you are giving your hair, skin and nails the best possible uptick in health and appearance. Your hair will look shiny, healthy and may even grow a bit, your skin will likely clear up if you are having a breakout, and your nails and toenails will look beautiful. The two combined will work hand in hand to help you be as beautiful as possible on the big day.

2 Weeks before the Wedding: Get a Massage
You’ve worked so hard on planning and shopping and inviting and just plain ‘doing’. Now, it’s time to relax and do some good for your mind, soul, and body. A deep tissue massage is in order. Not only will it feel fabulous, but it will also relieve tension in aching, stressed out muscles, and allow you to feel stress free – so your mind gets a moment’s peace. How fabulous is that? Massages are a great option alone or as a couple. Imagine the two of you in a spa, relaxing together, during a couples massage where you can both feel stress free for just one day. It will be a time to remember.

1 Week before the Wedding: Tweeze or Wax Facial Hair
Every woman finds the occasional stray hair on her upper lip, chin, or eyebrow. Tweezers provide a great quick fix for just such problems. If you are finding more than one hair or many, waxing may be the best option. Remove the stray hairs with tweezers to be smooth and hair free.

Four Days before the Wedding: Eyebrow Waxing or Threading
Eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading is essential to looking your absolute best, and will help to make your face look cleaner, sexier, and well put-together. Find a salon that specializes in either of the two and head out to have the process completed. In doing this four days before the wedding, any irritation you have as a result of the waxing or threading will be alleviated by the time the wedding day rolls around.

OROGOLD wishes you the happiest of wedding days, and we hope this comprehensive, thorough guide to pre-wedding beauty helps you gain a better understanding as to how and why each task should be completed in the time frame they are advised. Enjoy your special day together – and stay beautiful.

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