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Welcome to the world of OROGOLD Cosmetics Stores. You will feel the warm reception prior to crossing the threshold into luxurious experience of OROGOLD Cosmetics. As soon as you approach the store you will be invited in by one of our knowledgeable staff members to sample a selection of our unique product offerings. Our staff has been thoroughly trained in all aspects of our products and on comprehensive skin care principles. The know every collection: which products are included in it, how to use them and which order to use them in as well as the best product pairing across different collections. Every interaction begins with a personalized skin consultation. Of course, if it is your preference you may browse unattended.

We believe that the personalized service and knowledgeable advice offered by our skin care specialists is absolutely beneficial to shoppers. During a skin consultation staff members will inquire about your skin. They will profile what type of skin you have, what are areas you would like to improve, which areas you think are doing well, and whether you have any skin conditions or specific concerns. All of this is essential to the personalized consultation process. When they have gathered sufficient information they will provide you with recommendations on which products work best for your individual skin.

Before purchasing any product they will invite you to try it to ensure you are impressed with it before committing to it.  At this point you will be treated to a complimentary facial at one of our plush demonstration stations.

A skin care specialist will apply any product you request to your skin so you may experience it for yourself. Sit back and relax in one of our sumptuous OROGOLD chairs while you are lavished with attention and gold. At checkout you will be presented with your luxuriously packaged purchases inside a signature Orogold shopping bag and your copy of Orogold Lifestyle Magazine.

In the back of your Orogold Magazine you will find a personalized log section. There, your beauty advisor will record information about your invoice including invaluable information such as the name of the person who assisted you, the location and which products were purchased. On the page immediately following that you will find the first page of a 3 month beauty regimen calendar. Your expert adviser will document your specialized skin care regimen there. This will support your new skin care routine by giving you step-by-step procedures for the correct use of Orogold products. Once you take home your Orogold Lifestyle Magazine peruse the pages at your convenience.

Cosmetic products are not the only thing important to our customers which is why we included invaluable articles pertaining to fitness and nutrition, lifestyle choices, fashion, and top tourist destinations just to name a few. This glossy also includes expert advice and quizzes to inform and entertain you. You may also leave your email address to be updated with any exciting things going on at Orogold. We will let you know of any promotions or events in connection with the Orogold store where you made your purchase. We look forward to seeing you at one of our many Orogold store locations throughout the world. Come in for the indulgent experience or come in for the luxurious gold products, either way you will leave with an unforgettable experience.



In the meantime, the Orogold crew looks forward to seeing you at one of our many store locations throughout the world. Whether you come in for the experience or just for the products, we guarantee you will find yourself richer for the encounter.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is a luxury skin care and cosmetics company dedicated to using the finest ingredients. OROGOLD based the concept of their entire line of products on the ancient store of knowledge that Gold is a powerful mineral that has numerous health benefits when used in different applications. The topical application of Gold to the skin has long been touted as one of the primary beauty secrets of royalty and the wealthy in societies across different regions and periods of time. Cleopatra, the famed beauty of Ancient Egypt, was said to wear a mask of gold to bed every night for a complexion that glowed with health. The OROGOLD mission is to harness the powerful anti-aging properties of Gold to provide our loyal customers with a product beyond compare. OROGOLD also spends countless hours working to formulate the most potent products we can using the finest ingredients to supplement our signature gold formula.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has now grown to include over 12 collection, each designed to target and treat a variety and skin types and skin care concerns. From our Men’s collection, tailored to meet the shaving and skin care needs of our favorite fellows, to our Exclusive Nano collection, designed to pack a powerful anti- aging punch, there is truly a product for everyone. Even young people flock to OROGOLD because they know that prevention is the true key in making our products as effective as possible in their anti-aging capabilities.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has become a reputable and trusted name in the luxury skin care industry. We are dedicated to bringing the finest products in a one of a kind retail experience to our customers. Opening an OROGOLD retail location means you get to join a family of knowledgeable and dedicated Skin Care Specialists who have a product to offer everyone. Targeting today’s consumers, OROGOLD has created a line of products that is very appealing to people of all ages and from all different backgrounds. This is the movement that you could be a part of.

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