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Beauty Trends in Kuwait – OROGOLD Reviews

//Beauty Trends in Kuwait – OROGOLD Reviews

Kuwait, a glittering cityscape cradled in one of the most ancient corners of the world, is a great place to get beauty and style inspiration. These beauty trends can be adapted to your own look, no matter where you are in the world, to bring a modern yet exotic quality to your beauty regime.

Vibrant Skin
Vibrant and clear skin gives your face a healthy glow, and the healthier your skin, the less products you need to use on it. This spring, natural skin treatments are a huge trend in Kuwait, with fruits, oranges in particular, being used in many beauty remedies. To refresh your face and remove any blackheads, as well as unclog the oil from your pores, mix some orange peel powder with yoghurt and gently apply it to your face in circular motions. Rinse it off after 15 minutes and you will instantly feel the difference. The juice from fresh oranges can also be frozen in ice cube trays and then rubbed onto your skin for a quick way to brighten your face and close up your pores.

A Dressed-Up Nude Manicure
Although neutral colors may not seem as exciting as some of the brighter shades out there, they make up for this with their versatility. A nude manicure does not need to be boring, and can be dressed up in certain ways to make your nails stand out whilst still looking natural. A great way to do this is, instead of picking just one nude shade, choose 2 or 3 neutral colors which you can use to create an ombre gradient. You could also choose to paint on a thin stripe with glitter polish, after applying a neutral matte shade, which will give your nails an extra pop of sparkle.

Organic Hair Masks
Shampoos that don’t contain sulphur are less damaging to your hair, but can be hard to find in Kuwait. This has led to the trend of organic hair masks, made with natural ingredients that you can find at home. To keep frizzy hair under control, mash up an avocado once a week and massage it into damp hair for about 15 minutes. Bananas are also a great ingredient to add nutrients to your hair, and can be mashed into a paste in a blender before being rubbed onto your hair and covered with a towel for 15 minutes. For oily or greasy hair, strawberries are a great remedy, and half a cup of blended strawberries massaged into your hair and scalp will give you not only give you a boost of vitamin C, but will also trigger the production of sebum, which will remove the oils on your scalp and leave your hair looking and feeling amazing.

The Middle East, and more specifically Kuwait, has some great beauty trends, most of which put an emphasis on natural beauty, something that is currently on trend in the industry all over the world. For those who like the idea of using natural ingredients to create your own skin and hair masks, there is so much more to explore in terms of different ingredients and methods. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and keep notes on what worked best for you, so you can adapt parts of the technique and perfect it over time.

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