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Golden Makeup Inspiration

//Golden Makeup Inspiration


Not only does gold makeup suit nearly every type of skin, but when applied correctly, it is something that women in every age group can pull off. We have put together some of the best golden makeup looks, to give you plenty of inspiration for the next time you want to glam up your style.

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Glittery Lips

Give your mouth a magical sparkle by applying gold glitter to your lips. There are many glitter lipsticks available, as well as glitter powders that you can apply onto a lipstick base. You can also purchase gold glitter appliqu├ęs, which you paste onto your lips in a similar way to that of a temporary tattoo.

Gold Smoky Eye

Gold smoky eyes brighten up your face, giving you a stunning sun-kissed evening look. To begin with, prime your eyes before applying a deep gold eyeshadow to your whole lid. Brush a darker colored shadow onto the outer corner of your lid, as well as under your lower lash line, taking care not to stray too far from your lashes, and then blend it well. Line your upper lids with a black kohl eyeliner, and then finish it off by applying a layer of black mascara.

Golden Glitter

Glittery eyes are the perfect way to dazzle a crowd, and is a surprisingly easy look to achieve. After applying your eyeliner and mascara, apply a glitter makeup adhesive to your eyelids. Then, with a small brush, or even your finger, pat the glitter onto your eyelids.

Golden Eyebrows

Golden eyebrows were first seen on the models at the SS14 Dior show, and many quickly fell in love with the look. There are a couple of products that you can use to achieve the look. One is by using a gold aquarelle, which is an intensely colored water-based pigment, which you can paint onto your brows. Or, to try it with products you already have, apply a strong layer of concealer to your brows, and then pat on a thick layer of gold glitter whilst the concealer is still moist.

Gold Flakes

For this look, you will need to purchase gold foil, which is available at most arts and crafts stores. Once you have applied the rest of your eye makeup, coat your eyelids with eyelash glue. Then, using a pair of tweezers, apply the flakes of gold foil to your eyelids. You can also find imitation gold leaf, which is usually cheaper than the real thing, but needs to be used with extra care around the eyes, as it can sometimes cause irritation if it touches your eye.

A Touch of Gold

Gold lipstick is probably not something that you have considered in the past, but it is time to think again. The next time you find yourself picking out a new shade, give the gold a try. Applied lightly, it gives you a gleaming shimmer, and applied heavily, it gives you a blast of velvety color. It can be mixed in with other shades to create a glimmering vivacious look.

Gold Foil

This look is similar to the Gold Flakes look earlier, but rather than shredding the gold foil into tiny pieces, stick larger pieces onto your eyes in a more thoughtful fashion. Make sure that you stick them in the right place, as they can sometimes be hard to immediately remove.

Blackened Gold

The blackened gold look works on any eye shape and color, and is not difficult to achieve. Apply a gold shadow on the inner half of your lid, and a dark brown shadow on the outer half. Blend these in well, allowing the gold to shine through, and then apply a smudge of dark brown shadow under your bottom lashes. Dab some gold makeup glitter onto your eyelids to add some extra sparkle to the blackened gold look.

Golden Manicure

Gold is a classy yet trendy color to choose for your nails, and adds an edgy sophistication to any look. Gold nail polishes are available in a variety of shades, so experiment with a few different ones before choosing one that stands out well against your skin tone.

Gold makeup can give your look a sense of radiance in a way that other colors simply can’t. Keep our golden makeup inspiration and tips in mind for the next time you want your face to have some extra sparkle.

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