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OROGOLD’s Top Pick for Makeovers Around the World – Part 1

//OROGOLD’s Top Pick for Makeovers Around the World – Part 1

Makeovers are a fun experience for women everywhere. From prepping for weddings, to vacation makeovers and more, it’s always fun to reinvent your style hair and makeup. Perhaps you’re completely bored with your look, or you are looking for a new way to wear your hair. Perhaps, you crave something luxurious and extra special. A makeover could be just the thing you need to give you the pick-me-up you’re craving.


Oro Gold Stores would like to provide you with some of the top makeover destinations around the world, so no matter where you are, where you’re headed, or where you’re vacationing to, you will have this handy little guide as a reference point.





California is home to some of the most fantastic, cutting edge salons and spas in the United States. Cali tops the list for US States with the best makeovers due to their fantastic selection of certified, high quality and luxury spas. With it’s gorgeous scenery and lush palm trees, California is not only a great vacation destination for those around the world, but one of the top places to find the best stylists around. Salons such as The White Orchid Salon and Spa in Sacramento California offer top notch service and treatments. Another mention-worthy salon and spa for your makeover needs is Andy LeCompte Salon located in Los Angeles.



With many vacationers flocking to the white, sandy beaches of Florida on a daily basis, Floridians have heard the cry for some good salons, spas, and cosmetic boutiques – and that’s what makes Florida number two on the list. With spots such as Eleven Salon & Spa in Delray Beach, which boasts a gorgeous setting and visuals beyond compare, Eleven Salon and Spa is one of the premiere destinations for a new-you makeover. Whether you want hair care, a massage, facial, nails or toes, hair styles, or just a relaxing overall experience, they are the go-to salon and spa on the East Coast of Florida. Many other destinations should be included on the list, such as ProFiles Salon and Spa, with various locations throughout Florida, as well as The Spa at The Breakers, there’s a salon and spa worth visiting around every corner.



New York

New York sees over 48.8 million people visit each year, with 8.406 million residents annually. New York is also the setting for major modeling agencies, beauty company headquarters, and movie studios. With that being said, it’s no wonder New York is one of the top US locations for a perfect makeover. It seems as though luxurious locations exist on every corner in New York, teeming with staff dedicated to making you feel like a star. Arojo Studio in New York City specializes in hair color worthy of turning many heads. Andrea DeSimone Skincare in NYC also offers a wide array of skin and facial services. There’s way too many fantastic NY locations to mention, and we have much more to explore. Moving on!




England is home to some of the top designer fashions and beauty trends, so of course they have plenty to offer in terms of high quality, luxury makeover destinations. With stunning architecture and a broad and deep history, England is a fantastic destination for vacationing. Those who live in England are privileged to some of the most fantastic spots for shopping, hair services, skin care services, and the like. The Elden Day Spa in Staffordshire offers plenty of first-class service to its customers, treating them like true royalty. The Clarice House offers all you could want with their skin, hair and beauty packages. The Andrew Barton Salon in London offers a wide array of hair services that will have you looking like a celebrity in no time.



Scotland has a smorgasbord of history and plenty of famous celebrities to boot. With its lush, green countryside and beautiful small towns and villages, it makes it a perfect vacation spot. For those who adore solidarity and the countryside, Scotland is a perfect place to live. In terms of the top notch makeover destinations in Scotland, there is a unique service offered through a company known as I Need Pampering where you will receive hair, makeup, nails and skin care, as well as a photo shoot experience like no other all-inclusive in one package. The Angels is a fantastic skin and makeup destination on the North East Coast of Scotland, offering many facial treatments, cosmetic application, and hair care to meet your needs.



Ireland is by far one of the top travel destinations in the world, and with good reason. Great food, amazing beer, lush landscape, and friendly people keep the vacationers coming back year after year. The quality of life within Ireland is anything but sub-par – in fact, it’s been said that Ireland is home to some of the happiest people in the world. Ireland is home to some of the top salons and spas, such as Top to Toe beauty salon located in Dublin, a favorite among the locals as well as vacationers and visitors alike. Then there’s the exclusive salon Esthetique also in Dublin which is an award winning salon and tops all other salons in the country of Ireland. They offer hair care, skin care, massage and more. With all of the wonderful salons and spas Ireland has to offer, there’s no reason you can’t look your absolute best!



Italy is one of the top destinations for travel in the world. With its picturesque architecture, cathedrals, and amazing food, it’s a breath of fresh air and home to many luxurious salons and spas. Places such as Atelie’r Roberto D’Antonio in Rome offer the top luxury experience for their clientele, providing them with hair, skin and nail services as well as massages and facials. In Milan, it’s places like Franco Curletto Salon and Spa which draw visitors in and give them red carpet treatment. No matter where you turn in Italy, a luxury experience is waiting for you just around the corner.


 Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for part two of the best makeover destinations around the world, brought to you exclusively by OROGOLD Stores.


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