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It’s hard to beat California, the land of America’s wildest dreams and aspirations. Say “California” almost anywhere on Earth, and the first association is bound to be “Hollywood.” Hollywood – it made America famous, and further stands as an emblem of California in its creation of fantasy, myth, and magic – of unlimited possibilities.

Hollywood’s wider environs include the city of Los Angeles, a sprawling, diverse, and captivating metropolitan environment. Downtown is throbbing with a trendy revitalization, full of delicious food, distinctive museums and galleries, and incredible nightlife and music. But there is so much more than downtown – the beaches, Venice Beach Boardwalk, the Getty Center, hiking in the canyons, hills, and parks. L.A. has a luxury spa, hospitality, and shopping infrastructure designed for all types of customers, including – most important of all – the pickiest of celebrities. And one can’t forget the O.C., home to Disneyland and television notoriety.

But California’s the most populous state in the nation and third biggest by area. It’s a land of opportunity far beyond L.A., and any half-scrupulous explorer of the continental United States ought to be ashamed to miss San Francisco’s cable cars, a globally inspired culinary scene, and historical oddities. The Bay Area is a delirious but harmonious collision of civilizations, mentalities, and time periods and a universe unto itself. San Jose, Mountain View, Oakland, Berkeley – each offers its own flavor, each leaving a recognizable stamp on the American palate. To the east lies the vastness of Yosemite National Park, full of hulking cliffs and rock formations, forests, and waterfalls of unfathomable size and beauty. Mammoth Lakes, a visually stunning ski resort town situated within this natural magnificence, offers the opportunity to both savor and actively participate in natural extravaganzas.

Further north are Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties, where the landscape and inspiring menus only increase the headiness brought on by some of world’s best wines. Sacramento is a curious, stately, and attractive expression of California’s identity, with captivating museums and lively restaurants, music, and bars. Lake Tahoe, which California shares with Nevada, offers gorgeously rugged views in luxury accommodations and a shot at fortune in the Nevada side’s casinos. Up near the border with Oregon, the Redwood Forests beckon with a history of aweing and enchanting visitors for millennia.

Back south, San Diego throws an unabashedly good-natured party with SeaWorld, ample beachfront, and protected seaside scenery. Santa Barbara’s easy charm comes with seaside cliffs, gorgeous architecture, an impressive mission, and plentiful top-notch food and drink, all proximate to L.A. without any big-city headaches. Palm Springs nurtures fantasies of retro fame in plush resorts, and mixes it up with outdoor excitement and an offbeat blend of visitors and residents.

Drives along California’s coastlines may be some of the most memorable experiences of one’s life. Between the poles of L.A. and San Francisco is pure American romance: the former free lovers’ hideouts of the beautiful Big Sur region, and plucky, sea-centric Monterey. The dreams of what California could be blossom on the coastlines, and it turns out they’re more beautiful than anyone imagined.


L.A.’s concentration of star power, culture, media, and sheer population make it one of America’s first cities. Nowhere else in the United States can one find a city of this size – with all the variety, diversity, and luxury that comes with millions of people – in close proximity to long, sandy beaches, beautiful desert landscapes, and protected mountain preserves. Few, if any, cities can compete for L.A.’s cultural influence on the nation and the entire world – the city is a trendsetter in so many respects, and yet distinctive in a way entirely its own. As a result, many people come here chasing sky-high dreams – actors fleeing small-town innocence, screenwriters hoping to grind out success, musicians looking to hit it big and fast. Only so many big dreams eventually come true, but the presence of all this ambition alongside global fame and smashing success, thrown into the melting pot along with the savvy cool and cultural diversity of L.A. natives, makes for an otherworldly, seductive admixture.

L.A.’s luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment are practically unmatched in North America. OROGOLD has six locations around the Los Angeles metropolitan area, located in some of the city’s most ostentatious malls.

Valencia Town Center
24201 Valencia Blvd
Valencia, CA 91355


San Francisco is one of America’s most innovative and unique cities. The otherworldly atmosphere fostered here by the rolling fog, hippie past, and heavy Asian influences make an unforgettable impression. The city is filled with famous icons: the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, cable cars, and flocks of wild parrots. San Francisco’s history has been characterized by revolutionary dynamism, from the 19th-century gold rush to tech disruption taking place in Silicon Valley. Earthquakes have failed to dull this city’s vibrancy, felt in its creative scene and art museums, architectural oddities, cutting-edge restaurants serving authentic Chinese or of-the-moment gourmet, thriving wineries and budding breweries, old-fashioned speakeasies and bumping clubs. The diversity of attractions and activities, outdoor and indoor, humble and high-end, combined with a wonderfully predictable weather forecast averaging around 60°F keep San Francisco ranked high in livability. A restlessly creative spirit certainly helps, keeping the city’s economy resilient and innovative, often leading the country in new developments.

Shopping aficionados need to look no further than San Francisco, which offers as much diversity in retail as in food, drink, fun, and fascination, and is home to specialty shops of every stripe. OROGOLD keeps four storefronts in and around San Francisco.

San Francisco
450 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 951-1929

San Francisco
758 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


Northern California hosts a spectacularly diverse range of urban and natural attractions. The region is crowded with national parks, with Yosemite National Park and Redwood and Sequoia National Forests providing some of the most popular, awe-inspiring experiences. The Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe east of Sacramento appeal to locals and visitors alike, and for the sinner in each of us, the latter is built up with casino resorts on the Nevada side of the border, while the Californian side plays up the natural surroundings with the help of high-end accommodations. Meanwhile, the North Coast offers a dose of mystery about as far from stereotypical scenes of California as one can get.

Any description of Northern California must make mention of the world-renowned wine country in Napa, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties. The grapes grown amid the beauty of its rolling hills and valleys seem to have stimulated an all-around appreciation for culinary excellence. Celebrity chefs, world-class restaurants, and soul-soothing resort and spa experiences make this an excellent destination.

Sacramento, the state capital, anchors the region with excellent museums and unpretentious food, craft brewing, and bar scenes. Recently, the gallery scene in Sacramento has bloomed into cultural triumph. OROGOLD keeps a store in Sacramento and another in nearby Roseville.

Arden Fair Mall
1689 Arden Way #1031
Sacramento, CA 95815

Hillsdale Shopping Center
60 31st Ave#140
San Mateo, CA 94403

Galleria at Roseville
1151 Galleria Blvd#255
Roseville, CA 95678

9071 Foothills Blvd #6
Roseville, CA 95747


Lovely Santa Barbara, located about two hours up the coast from L.A., makes for a great escape for big city dwellers and a fun, scenic spot for visitors to the region. It has earned the title of “American Riviera” for its startling resemblance to Mediterranean coastlines, it’s sloping, pretty seaside developments, and awe-inspiringly beautiful cliffs. Just arriving in Santa Barbara gives one the sense of being on vacation. The first obligatory stop is a visit to the impressive Mission Santa Barbara, which compounds the notion that this is, in fact, an old-world destination somewhere on the Mediterranean. Afterwards, strolling around pleasant Santa Barbara makes for an excellent way to fill a day, or several. Electrifying State Street is alive with activity all the way down to Stearns Wharf on the waterfront, where a classic dockside vibe reigns. And only in Santa Barbara could the city courthouse make for one of the most popular destinations, emphasizing the feel of a village in Malta or on the Italian coast. The city’s botanic garden, museums, and zoo offer additional hours and days of diversion. Once satisfied with Santa Barbara’s charming streets and structures, visitors can make a journey from nearby Ventura out to the gorgeous Channel Islands National Park.

Paseo Nuevo
651 Paseo Nuevo#611
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Pacific View Mall
3301 1 E Main St#1520
Ventura, CA 93003
805 -654-0043


Those familiar with Orange County through reality and teen-focused TV shows may find themselves surprised by the perks on offer in the now-famous OC. For one, Disneyland is here, making the OC a red-hot spot for staging visits to this world-famous amusement park. The area has other charms, however, including a row of pleasant beach towns and more diversity than might be expected from an area renowned for surfers, rich kids, and quarrelsome parents. Beautiful sandy beaches and marinas invite hours of swimming, surfing, and world-class ocean sailing. Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, in particular, offers a beautiful spot for picnicking and sunsets. The historic Mission San Capistrano gives visitors a chance to see what the oldest in Californian settlements was like, a fitting contrast to the modern-day frenzy of Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Science and art museums add to Orange County’s reserves of intellectual curiosities.

It should be no surprise that the OC, a suburb par excellence, provides plenty of shopping malls, three of which serve as home to OROGOLD locations. Disneyland and its surroundings form a shopping nexus of their own, with a wide range of both Disney and non-Disney line products.

Irvine Spectrum Center
71 Fortune Drive
Irvine, CA 92618

Los Cerritos Mall
239 Los Cerritos Center
Cerritos, CA 90703


Riverside County encompasses a large area east of Los Angeles, from the city of Riverside and other parts of the Inland Empire, east through the Coachella Valley and its desert oases of Palm Springs and Palm Desert, all the way to the border with Arizona. Over 2 million people live in the county, but it pulls many more than that at different times throughout the year. A large proportion head to Palm Springs and Palm Desert, twin desert resort towns famous for hosting Frank Sinatra and Estee Lauder in the 1950s. The area makes use of this history to provide a retro vibe that puts luxury-focused visitors in the mind of L.A.’s 1950s elite. The spas, golfing, dining, and nightlife on offer, plus nearly 365 days of sunshine per year, make these great destinations for relaxing and recharging. In nearby Indio, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held annually, and Joshua Tree and Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Parks sit on either side of the valley, making this region as much of a draw for adventure-seekers as spa-goers.

Situated adjacent to the L.A. metropolitan area, with a reputation for world-class parties and hip, high-class getaways, Riverside County provides ample opportunities for high-end shopping. OROGOLD has locations in both Riverside and Palm Desert.

Galleria at Tyler
1299 Galleria at Tyler
Riverside, CA 92503

El Paseo Shopping Center
73-255 El Paseo Suite #2
Palm Desert , CA 92260


San Diego is where California got its start, and it still bears the marks of 18th-century Spanish settlement. The city extends practically uninterrupted across the border into Mexico, where it becomes Tijuana. San Diego’s founding history and proximity to the border ensures the continuing presence of a strong Latino flavor. This easygoing approach to diversity boosts the city’s sense of wholesome, active fun. Watching sunsets from seaside cliffs or hiking beautiful Torrey Pines State Reserve are experiences hard to match for scenic beauty.  A much-loved zoo, SeaWorld, lively beaches, and museums celebrating the city’s maritime, military, and artistic legacies complete San Diego’s overriding vibe as the prototypically Californian, all-American metropolis. Recent developments, such as a nationally renowned craft beer scene, sweeten the deal. With year-round temperatures perpetually hanging around 70°F, San Diego can’t help but be a tourism juggernaut, with millions upon millions of visitors annually.

With all San Diego has going for it, is it any surprise that it provides wonderful opportunities for high-end, boutique, antique, and every other kind of shopping? OROGOLD has proudly taken up residence in San Diego at three area malls: North County Mall, Plaza Bonita Shopping Center, and Horton Plaza Shopping Center.

North County Mall
272 E. Via Rancho Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92025