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OROGOLD Shows You Where to Get Your Nails Done in Dallas – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Shows You Where to Get Your Nails Done in Dallas – ORO GOLD Reviews

We took the liberty of searching for the best nail salons in Dallas so that you can get the best possible manicure while in the city. Oh, and one more thing. We did a lot more than search for standard nail salons. With nail art becoming the craze all over the US, we decided to search for nail salons that offer you with much more than a simple manicure. Take a peek at this list to know where to get your nails done the next time around.

Onyx Nail Bar

The Onyx Nail Bar is located on Cedar Springs Road, Dallas. When they chose the name for the Oynx Nail Bar, they weren’t kidding. All pedicure stations at the Onyx Nail Bar face a humongous cocktail counter and 4 large screen TVs. The treatments have also been named after drinks and cocktails such as the Double Shot Pedicure (hot stone massage and milk soaks) and the Chocotini-main (chocolate hand scrub and mask). The technicians also allow you to choose from your own scrubs, lotions, oils and masks and the unique theme allows you to sip on some fabulous cocktails or watch TV while getting your manicure and pedicure done.

Posh Nail Spa

The Posh Nail Spa is not just about shaping your cuticles. It offers signature manicures that include oil and aromatherapy treatments, paraffin treatments, exfoliation as well as arm and shoulder massage. You can also top off the treatment with a nail polish or a design of your choice.

Sophia’s Nail Salon

Sophia’s Nail Salon isn’t exactly the calming place that you would expect from a nail salon. It is full of chatty clients, a jovial atmosphere and chirpy technicians. With 2 technicians working in tandem, they might get you out of the salon in an hour, but the speed doesn’t reduce the quality in any manner whatsoever. You can expect your manicures to remain chip free for as many as nine days. Don’t forget to check out other services offered by the salon while you’re at it.

Zen Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar 

Doing a decent manicure and pedicure is quite easy. Almost all salon can do that. But not all salons can create an atmosphere the way the Zen Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar can. The salon offers its customers a tranquil atmosphere (no cell phones allowed), comfortable reclining chairs, soothing eye masks and hot neck wraps. Instead of those noisy tubs, your feet are soaked in large bowls that have trickling water. And if this is not enough to get you to try out a treatment, they also offer lengthy lower leg and foot rub massages with a signature pedicure service.


Polished has become extremely popular in Dallas in the recent past. Its technicians have developed a massive reputation at crowd control and meticulous grooming. The place is always buzzing with activity and it still manages to exude a soothing and comfortable aura. Expect your manicurist to greet you with warm smiles and baked goodies. A brisk massage and two coats of lacquer along with the perfect manicure are also in order.


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