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OROGOLD Examines the Top Travel Destinations for 2015

//OROGOLD Examines the Top Travel Destinations for 2015

With the year 2014 finally over, it is time to take a peek at some of the upcoming and exciting destinations that you can visit this New Year. It is always tempting to visit one of those age old wonders like New York, Venice and Paris, but there is nothing more exciting than exploring new and relatively unexplored destinations, traveling off the beaten path and visiting an underrated city only to realize that it offers you with one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life. This article from OROGOLD Cosmetics examines the top travel destinations for the year 2015. Many of these destinations are scheduled to host major events, some unveil breathtaking natural beauty while others are ideal places to visit with your loved ones.


A catastrophe struck Haiti a few years ago and rocked this destination to its core, but tourism seems to have finally returned to Haiti after one of the most devastating earthquakes in history. People are extremely curious to visit Haiti and experience how the city has grown over its turbulent period. Haiti has also known to be associated with one of the best adventure travel destinations for a really long time. Those visiting Haiti can check out beautiful Caribbean beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful rum distilleries and breathtaking birdlife.


Namibia is known to host some of the most wonderful and weirdest landscapes on the planet. From lions that roam freely along the Skeleton coast to gigantic sand dunes, from the second largest canyon in the world to one of the best wildlife destinations, a trip to Namibia is all about getting back to Mother Nature. Moreover, the country celebrates its 25th year of independence this year and this also makes it an exciting time to visit Namibia. Don’t forget to check out the red Kalahari dunes and the Sossusvlei sand dunes while visiting Namibia.


The city-state has always ranked among the best travel destinations in the world and things don’t seem to be changing in the near future either. Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence in the year 2015 and unveils a range of exciting events that most travelers would be thrilled to become a part of. The countless attractions, child friendly delights, multicultural feel, excellent architecture and exciting activities come as an added plus.


Greece is finally becoming more and more confident as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Major airlines like British Airways are already increasing their services to Greece and starting off with new routes to cater to the increased demand. Travelers to Greece would love to visit Macedonia and watch the Kasta Tumulus excavations. This area has been described as one of the greatest excavations of Greece and rumors have it that the tomb contains someone very close to Alexander the Great. Two new underwater archaeological sites have also been opened up in Messinia. These sites are full of shipwrecks that date back to the Roman and the Byzantine era. Finally, the Rugby World Cup is also scheduled to be held in Greece in the months of September – October. 


Iceland might not instantly feature on your travel lists, but there are all sorts of reasons why one would want to visit Iceland. From the wonderful Northern Lights excursions to the beautiful summer hikes, there are all sorts of things to see and do in Iceland. Excursions to the Secret Lagoon, located close to the Fludir Village, have also become really popular. Finally, the Ice Cave, a man-made network of tunnels and caverns, shall be opened to the public in the month of June.


Belgium has emerged as one of the best go-to destinations for travelers in the year 2015. The country commemorates 100 years since the First World War and also witnesses the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. Both commemorations are likely to feature beautiful battle re-enactments that might just be worth a watch. The country shall also be celebrating the “Van Gogh In the Borinage” Exhibition to remember the 125th death anniversary of one Vincent Van Gogh. The beautiful hillside, black sand beaches, majestic cliffs and incredible wildlife come as an added plus.

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