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Singapore, also known as the Lion City, seems to be small enough to be covered in just three days. If you’re really looking at understanding what makes Singapore tick, you definitely need to give the city more time to unfold its layers in front of your eyes. Discard Singapore as a dull, stereotype Asian city at your own peril. Over the years, the city has managed to emerge as one of the greatest cities in the world and its beautiful mix of Malay, Chinese, Western and Indian cultures ensure that you are treated to a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Traffic jams are literally non-existent, trains are always on time, the city is always full of tourists, every neighborhood smells of safety and luxury and everything looks spic and span. But, isn’t that one of the characteristics of a world class city? After all, who wants to contend with pollution, traffic snarls and chaos while on a holiday?

The extravagant delights in Orchard Road might make you think that Singapore is all about shopping, but there’s actually a lot more that the city has to offer. Sure, you could splurge in some of the best shopping malls of Asia, treat yourself to world famous brands or enjoy all sorts of cuisines at one of those fancy restaurants. But, wouldn’t you want to try out a Tiger beer, explore the local cuisines at the hawker center and check out unexplored and unknown boutiques. After all, what’s the point wasting your precious time with brands that have an outlet in your own city as well.

The city’s rich architectural heritage strikes gold. The city center whisks travelers back into the 18th and 19th centuries and beautifully restored churches, buildings and cathedrals offer more than any architecture lover can handle. The city also has a wealth of attractions for the history and art lovers. The Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore History Museum and the Singapore Art Museum have more than enough exhibits to hold your attention for as long as you want them to.

There are landmarks that take tourists back to the British Colonial era and then there are landmarks that jolt them back to reality. Apart from a wealth of historical sights and buildings, this ultra-modern city also has its fair share of futuristic constructions such as the enchanting Marina Bay Sands, the wonderful Singapore Zoo and the exciting Universal Studios.

The world famous Sentosa Island makes Singapore a mecca for kids and if you’re bored of Orlando, Singapore might just offer you with that much needed break. Downtown Singapore is where most tourists prefer to stay while visiting the city. With more and more hotels being constructed by the day, there is never a shortage of places to stay and you can easily find something that fits you just right.

Another major attraction of the city is its airport. Yes, the airport. The Singapore Changi Airport is considered to be the best airport in the world and its vast range of facilities makes it that dream stop over destination for travelers. The public transportation network is quite amazing as well. Although all sorts of cars can easily be rented, the true charms of the city are best explored on foot using the fast, safe and efficient public transportation system.

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