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Arizona, a place that offers one spectacular sight after the other, is famous for being full of a vast array of historical and natural attractions. When you add the fact that it enjoys turquoise skies almost throughout the year, there is no surprise that it actually manages to attract about 37 million tourists each year.

Most locals believe that the state enjoys a weather that is great for 10 months and decent for the remaining 2 months. The summers are synonymous with high temperatures, but if you’re used to hotter climates that’s hardly the issue. The best time to visit Arizona is between the months of October – May, with January – April being the peak seasons. Spring and Autumn glamorize the already exotic natural beauty and offer you with something spectacular, something that is truly beautiful.

The Grand Canyon National Park might be the most beautiful thing that there is to see in Arizona, but the place is also known to be home to living museums that illustrate vivid scenes of frontier life. It also features distinct cuisines, an exciting culture and a vast array of shopping opportunities. The tourist industry in Arizona began to grow in the early 1900s and it has almost always spiralled upwards ever since. The locals are known to be warm and friendly and accommodations are found aplenty. Whether you’re looking for a fancy resort or a roadside motel or a B&B, there is never a shortage of places in Arizona.

Where you put up hardly matters considering the fact that you’re likely to spend most of your time outdoors. The northern parts of the state are closer to the iconic Grand Canyon while the southern and the eastern parts offer a wealth of Wild West towns and desert lands. Greater Phoenix is considered to be the heart of Arizona and you can find dozens of day trips to exotic destinations such as the ancient Native American dwellings of Camp Verde.

Arizona is also known to host a number of world famous festivals and events such as the World of Wheels and the Fine Art and Chocolate Festival. The World of Wheels brings together some of the greatest hot rods and custom made cars and two-wheelers. The Fine Art and Chocolate Festival is held in the month of February and is also known to be extremely popular. Wine Lovers cannot ignore the Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival held in the month of March. If you plan to visit Arizona during the month of October, don’t forget to check out the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.

Some of the main highlights of any tour to Arizona include trips to the Grand Canyon National park, a hot air balloon ride over the red colored desert, river rafting, exploring ancient sites, checking out Native American dwellings, reliving the Wild West, snowboarding and skiing in the San Francisco Mountains and having a blast while shopping.

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