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Amazingly easygoing and excitingly delightful, Salt Lake City is definitely worth your time, particularly when you’re looking for a small stopover. It boasts of one of the best settings in the US as it is towered by the Wasatch Front that creates a boundary between the greener pastures of the east and drier landscapes of northern Utah.

Salt Lake City is an ideal place for hiking, trekking and cycling in the summer months and one of the best ski spots in the world during the winters. Some of the best places for skiing in Salt Lake City are Solitude, Brighton, Alta and Snowbird. The vast and varied sights and attractions make it an extremely popular location for all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Despite having an image of being short on fun, Salt Lake City can offer an amazing experience, provided you slow down your body clocks to match its unhurried lifestyle, enjoy the positive atmosphere and open yourself up to the beautiful sights on offer.

Salt Lake City is full of surprises. It boasts of offering history, entertainment, culture, arts and recreational and adventure activities to all those who take time to come here and it also offers unparalleled views, warm hospitality and a variety of performing arts. What makes Salt Lake City so popular among its travelers is that it is actually a major city that offers the hospitality and atmosphere of a small town.

The city was brought into the spotlight by the 2002 Winter Olympics, and it has remained popular ever since. The revitalization that was done while preparing for the Games ensures that travelers have a pleasant time whenever they visit the city, even today. It was the city’s location that made Brigham Young, the pioneer Mormon leader settled down here. The headquarters of the Mormon Church is located here. Much of the city’s heritage can be attributed to the Mormon heritage. The religious roots can be found all over the city – from the spires of the granite temple to the monuments and statues that remind us of the city’s founding fathers.

However, Salt Lake City is much more than just history and culture. It is a place of innovation, a multilingual society, a place where high tech companies and entrepreneurial startups run hand in hand and a place that is full of Olympian hopefuls. It is clean and it is definitely beautiful, a wonder that boasts of an endless sky and breathtaking mountain scenery. Add a thriving nightlife, an exciting university scene, eclectic restaurants and a beautiful culture into the scene, and you have the perfect cocktail to have a blast.

Some of the best things to do in Salt Lake City include the Temple Square, Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake Temple, Natural History Museum of Utah, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Bryce Canyon National Park, Liberty Park and the Zion National Park.

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