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The Best Breakfast Spots in Singapore

//The Best Breakfast Spots in Singapore

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the eateries around Singapore definitely seem to understand this. Whether you are craving a classic European fry up or an elaborate Asian-inspired breakfast feast, here are the best breakfasts in Singapore that are definitely worth sampling. 

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Simple, yet packed with flavor, the breakfasts from the Fabulous Baker Boy never disappoint. 

This is a restaurant that makes use of the finest ingredients that have been sourced from all over the world. Unlike many other Singaporean eateries, the portion sizes are huge here, making the dishes ideal for sharing.

Want to know what your breakfast options include here?

The French Toast is always popular. This version is made with eggs and cream, before being finished with a maple drizzle and a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. You can also add in a variety of extras, from bacon and sausages to berries and bananas.

Their Eggs Benny, as well as their Fab Fry Up, are also great options for when you are feeling hungry.

Looking for something lighter?

You could try the pancakes or granola, each one served with a variety of toppings.

It’s definitely worth ordering a breakfast with bread here – all of the breads have been homemade. If you plan your visit for a weekend, the restaurant goes sourdough crazy, with everything from loaves to croissants to pastries just waiting to be tasted.


Arbite is a restaurant that prides itself on serving up delicious food at affordable prices, and they seem to have accomplished this very well.

This is an extremely popular breakfast spot on the island, so you may want to make a reservation if you plan on giving it a try. If you don’t, you may be in for quite a wait.

Wondering what sort of breakfast dishes you will find at Arbite?

They serve up classic breakfast dishes, but with an Asian twist.

Their most popular breakfast dish is the Arbite Breakfast, which consists of:

  • Pork sausages
  • Soft boiled eggs topped with soy sauce
  • Bacon
  • Kaya and toast
  • Pommes noisettes
  • Mushrooms
  • Fresh Greens
  • Tomatoes

Don’t worry if you think that that sounds like too much – the Arbite Breakfast features smaller portion sizes of each item, as this gives customers the chance to try a bit of everything.

The LoKal

Ever eaten breakfast or brunch at Pope Joan in Melbourne?

Well, The LoKal has been designed in line with that, complete with a star-studded team of Australian chefs.

The design of the restaurant itself is a great showcase of Singapore’s heritage – the Peranakan tiled walls contrast with the timber floors, while the added décor touches, such as the upside down potted plants, give the place a quirky touch. 

When it comes to the menu…

Most people tend to go for the Pimp My Breakfast, which gives you the opportunity to choose every item on your plate. Some of your choices include:

  • Eggs cooked three ways
  • Cauliflower and cheese
  • Homemade baked beans
  • Carrot and pumpkin seed hummus
  • Smashed avocado
  • Grilled Slipper Lobster tails
  • House-made vanilla yogurt

You can also add in either smoked mackerel or smoked trout, with both of these items having been smoked in-house over apple and cherry wood chips.

The Beast

Do you prefer brunch to breakfast?

If so, then you’ll definitely love the brunch menu at The Beast. Although it is only served up on the weekends, these are dishes well worth waiting for!

What’s so good about The Beast?

It’s a Southern-style restaurant and bar, with their menu items being inspired by classic Southern dishes. One of their most popular breakfast dishes is their Chicken and Waffles, with many arguing that this is where you will find the best chicken and waffles on the entire island.

What makes them so tasty?

The fact that the chicken has been soaked in a special brine for 24 hours, making it ultra juicy. It is then fried until it is perfectly crisp, before being served up with buttermilk and a homemade bourbon-maple butter sauce.

Other Southern classics include:

  • The Southern Big Breakfast
  • Country Fried Steak Benedict
  • Sweet and savory pancakes

Of course, since this is a weekend brunch rather than a weekday breakfast, you could also indulge yourself in one of their American craft beers, or even their specialty cocktails. The bar makes their very own Southern Comfort, inspired by the tradition of moonshining, and also boast a barrel-aging program when it comes to their cocktails

Clinton Street Baking Company

Want to know where you can find the best pancakes in Singapore?

Head to the Clinton Street Baking Company, where the pancakes have been voted as the tastiest in the city multiple times now. They keep their pancakes quite simple here, serving them up with a warm maple butter, and your choice of either wild blueberries, banana walnut, or chocolate chunks.

If you love pancakes but want to try something a little more adventurous…

The Crispy Potato Pancakes are definitely worth a try. These can either be served with sour cream and caramelized apple sauce, or with house-smoked salmon, lemon crème fraiche, and caviar, for some extra decadence!

Don’t worry if you don’t like pancakes, there is plenty more to choose from here! Whether you want to go for a plate of soft scrambled eggs, a Southern-style breakfast, a classic omelette, or even Huevos Rancheras, the options seem almost endless.

Hate waking up early for breakfast?

You don’t need to with the Clinton Street Baking Company…

If you pay the restaurant a visit in the evenings, you will notice several of their most popular breakfast items listed on their dinner menu. They call this concept Breakfast for Dinner, and it is doing fantastically well so far.

Bearded Bella

Here’s another Australian-inspired eatery to add to your must-try restaurant list…

Bearded Bella has been modeled after the small neighborhood cafes that can be found all over Melbourne. The food is fresh and tasty, and has a quirkiness to it that locals love.

Their breakfast and brunch menu is quite extensive, featuring several dishes that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on a breakfast menu. While they do have the classic standards, from sourdough toast to soft boiled eggs, there are quite a few other exciting options to choose from too.

One of their most-loved dishes is their Pig and Eggs.

This may not sound very exciting at first, but wait until you hear more about it…

They use pig jowl, slow cooking this until it has an almost magical crispiness to it. This is then served with silky poached eggs and a green hollandaise sauce, providing a beautiful contrast in texture and flavor.

Feeling thirsty?

The coffees at Bearded Bella are definitely worth trying, with these having been roasted in-house. However, for something extra special, order yourself a hot chocolate. They are made with single origin chocolates, and you can choose from:

  • Dominican Republic 72% – with notes of hazelnut
  • Sungai Ruan from Malaysia 72% – has a sweet spiciness to it, with notes of cinnamon and Christmas cake
  • Ecuador 80% – you can definitely taste the toasted almond and dried cranberry notes in this one
  • Vung Tau, Vietnam 72% – features hints of almond and dried strawberries, with an incredibly creamy finish

Carrotsticks and Cravings

Located in trendy Dempsey Hill, Carrotsticks and Cravings places a strong focus on healthy and nutritious foods.

This doesn’t mean that they aren’t tasty – the dishes cooked up here are simply incredible!

This casual dining, Australian-inspired cafe has been featured in numerous publications around the country for the fantastic breakfast dishes that they serve up.

Some of their most popular offerings include:

  • Smashed Avocado on Sourdough
  • Shakshouka
  • Baked Chia Parfait
  • The Breakfast Burrito
  • Roasted Beetroot with Poached Eggs and Goat’s Cheese
  • Organic Blueberry Oat Pancakes

Have you fallen in love with one of the dishes from Carrotsticks and Cravings?

There’s no reason why you can’t learn how to make it yourself!

The owner of the restaurant is a published cookbook author, with her books featuring some of the restaurant’s stand-out dishes.

But that’s not all…

Carrotsticks and Cravings is also a cookery school.

Not only can they teach you exactly how to put together exquisite dishes, but they also offer workshops in everything from food styling to food photography, giving you a well-rounded set of foodie skills

Common Man Coffee Roasters

It didn’t take long for the Common Man Coffee Roasters to establish themselves as one of the best breakfast spots in Singapore. In fact, they have been voted as the Best Cafe on the island a few times now by SG Magazine.

What makes this cafe so good?

Their coffee, for starters. As you can tell from this cafe’s name, coffee plays a huge role in their focus.

Their coffee selection is wonderfully extensive. The beans are sustainably sourced from all over the world, and are roasted in-house before being prepared in a variety of different ways. From the single-origin Fast Brew to the Nitro Slow Cold Brew, coffee lovers will definitely appreciate the many options here.

What about the food?

This won’t disappoint either.

Their most popular breakfast dish is also one of their most unique – the Turkish Common Man Breakfast. It consists of soft boiled eggs that have been wrapped in phyllo, crispy feta, tomatoes, hummus and more, all served up with pita bread.

Poached egg on waffle

If you would prefer something a little lighter…

Their Brioche French Toast is always a hit, as is their Croissant Croque Monsieur. There are plenty of healthier options to choose from too, such as the Kale and Egg White Scramble, which is served with asparagus, sweet peas and broccoli.

Common Man Stan

Already been to the Common Man Coffee Roasters and loved it?

Then Common Man Stan should definitely be the next place you head to.

This eatery was created by the same people behind the Common Man Coffee Roasters. While many of the breakfast dishes here are the same as the original restaurant, there are also a few special dishes that have been created just for this venue.

The Cacao Granola is great for a quick bite, while the Potato and Leek Rosti is ultra decadent. The Eggs Benedict here also features a twist – it contains braised ox cheek, and is served with a chive-infused hollandaise.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a restaurant that has quite a unique concept behind it…

This is a restaurant that believes in the healing power of food. They try to use food to foster relationships and connections between their customers, serving this up with warm and friendly hospitality and a comfortable space.

This restaurant also has a few different venues around Singapore, making it easy to visit no matter where on the island you are.

Want to know more about the breakfasts at Group Therapy?

Some of your options include:

  • The Acai Bowl
  • Pumpkin Pancakes
  • Smoked Ham and Cheese Crepes
  • Egg White Mushroom Frittata
  • Smoked Salmon Rosti

They also serve up freshly made waffles, with your choice of toppings. Whether you go for peanut butter, banana, pistachio and honey, or top it with maple syrup and some homemade ice cream, this is a breakfast that you will return for time and time again.

Don’t forget to also give the coffees here a try! Or, if you are in the mood for something cooler, the fresh fruit smoothies and the milkshakes, which are made with the restaurant’s homemade ice cream, are extremely refreshing.

Singapore is famous for its thriving food scene, and the breakfasts that you will find here definitely adhere to this. Whether you are wanting a simple quick bite or an extravagant fusion breakfast platter, you will find all of this and so much more at the restaurants on this list.

While you’re in Singapore, don’t forget to visit one of our luxurious OROGOLD stores in the city! It’s the perfect way to pamper and prep yourself for the rest of the day.

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