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OROGOLD Examines the Best Things to Do in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Examines the Best Things to Do in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

The Hong Kong skyline is considered to be one of the most popular sights in the world. It is one of the main reasons why Hong Kong is always associated as a city of steel and glass. However, as beautiful as these mammoth skyrises might be, they simply cannot hide away the charms offered by the culturally diverse neighborhoods and unique surprises that the city has to offer. Moreover, the compact nature also makes it very easy to travel from one neighborhood to the other. Here is a list of some of the top things to do in Hong Kong.

Enjoy the glamorous nightlife
The Ozone Bar, considered to be the highest bar in the world, completely redefines the meaning of the phrase “living on a high”. And that’s just the beginning. Hong Kong is full of unique party places, cocktail bars, buzzing nightclubs and trendy pups. Some of the most popular nightlife areas in the city are Lan Kwai Fong, Sheung Wan and Chai Wan. All three neighborhoods are home to hundreds of bars, shops and clubs and are almost always packed with expats, locals, tourists and flight attendants. In fact, the Hong Kong nightlife has become so popular that a number of Chinese cities want to re-create the nightlife districts of Hong Kong in their own neighborhoods.

Explore the Victoria Peak
Watching the panorama that the famous Victoria Peak has to offer is considered to be one of the “must do’s” while in Hong Kong. You are offered with an ideal vantage point to check out one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and explore some of the best sights that the city has to offer. Everything that you’ve heard about Hong Kong – its unending energy, its restlessness and its shimmering glamour – gets reaffirmed when you check out the sights that the Victoria Peak has to offer. The best time to go the Victoria Peak is just before sunset as this allows you to check out the city lights as they come on, a beautiful sight indeed.

Hop on-board the Star Ferry
The Star Ferry is considered to be yet another “must do” while in Hong Kong. It offers travelers with an experience that they simply cannot refuse. Choose an upper deck seat and embark on an engaging ride as you’re taken past all sorts of sailing vessels and treated to breathtaking views of the Hong Kong coastline – all the way from Western to Quarry Bay. The ferries also stop midway for a few minutes to allow you to click photos of the popular Symphony of Lights Show.

Attain inner peace
The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong might be its main attraction, but it also offers tourists with some of the most peaceful retreats in the world. The Tian Tan Buddha is considered to be the largest outdoor seated bronze Buddha in the world. You might have to climb about 268 steps to get there, but the views and the peaceful aura are simply worth the effort. Other popular retreats in the city are the Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom path.

Sufers at Big Wave Bay in Hong KongSurf your hearts out
The Victoria Harbor might not be the cleanest place in the world, but the presence of the ocean ensures that the bays and inlets of Hong Kong become popular surfing spots around the month of September. The Big Wave Bay is the best place in the city for surf enthusiasts. If surfing is not your thing, you can also rent out sea kayaks.

Choose from more than 11,000 restaurants
With more than 11,000 restaurants on offer, there is no cuisine that cannot be found in Hong Kong. From floating restaurants to local delights, from some of the best Dim Sum in the world to exquisite steamed pork buns, there is no shortage of dishes to try out while in the city. What’s more, if you like economical fine dining, the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant is also located in Hong Kong.

If surfing, kayaking, dining and partying don’t interest you, jump into your hiking boots and rush off to one of the 1000 hiking trails that Hong Kong has to offer. What makes the hiking destinations of Hong Kong so unique is their proximity to the city center. Some of the most popular trails include the MacLehose Trail and the Lantau Trail. The best time to go for a hike is between the months of November – February.

Street in Hong Kong with lots of shopping optionsShop till you drop
Souvenirs from the Temple Street Night Market might be high up on your agenda, but don’t forget to check out the other shopping areas in Hong Kong. The city is full of quirky boutiques and luxury brands and it offers you with all sorts of products that cater to all sorts of budgets. So whether you’re looking for the latest in international fashion or local delights, there is always something to buy while in Hong Kong.

Gawk at the breathtaking skyline
The Hong Kong skyline is considered to be one of the most famous skylines in the world. It is very difficult to walk without looking up while exploring the neighborhoods in the city. The shimmering facade of steel and glass is known to transport tourists into another world. And for good reason. After all, with about 1251 skyscrapers, Hong Kong has the most number of high rises in the world.

View of Tai O Fishing Village in the eveningVisit the Tai O Village
The Tai O Village was once an important trading port of China. Today, it is known to be one of the best places in the world to check out what life in a traditional fishing village looks like. It is one of those few places where salt pans still exist and most of the elders are known to make their living from fishing and duck farming. The Tai O Village is famous for its exotic seafood, beautiful sights, traditional charms, stilt houses and old world architecture.

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