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Benefits of Couples Massage

//Benefits of Couples Massage

Massage therapy brings about a whole variety of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to increasing circulation to reducing muscular tension. A couples massage works in exactly the same way, but, in addition to all of the health advantages enjoyed, having a couples massage will also bring about many benefits to your relationship.

Helps Couples to Reconnect
In this day and age, couples find themselves increasingly busy, and have a difficult time connecting with each other in the present. A massage session usually encourages a person to focus on the present, letting go of the past, as well as the future. The encouragement of this engagement in the present is advantageous to most couples, who can use a couples massage to reconnect with each other in the here and now. Whether you use the time to have a chat and catch up on the day, or simply enjoy the massage in a comfortable silence, this shared experience will help the two of you to feel much more connected. It also only takes a bit of practice to expand on this awareness, bringing it into your relationship at other times too.

Increased Affection
There is no doubt about it – massages stimulate the body, encouraging the release of a whole variety of feel-good hormones, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. When both of you are able to feel this at the same time, it will increase the affection between you. Massages also help the muscles in your body to relax, which then relaxes your mind. This then allows a couple to feel much more comfortable with each other on an emotional and sexual level.

Encourages Bonding
If a massage is something that you both enjoy, then a couples massage will be extremely rewarding for the both of you. Trying out new forms of couples massages will also help with this, so it is worth exploring the different options available at the spas near you. If either you or your spouse has never had a massage before, a couples massage is a great introduction to this form of therapy, as anyone feeling unsure or apprehensive will feel much more confident with their partner there by their side.

Personalized Therapy at the Same Time
When it comes to the health benefits from a massage, each individual has very different needs, which is why most massages begin with an informal chat with the therapist so that they know which needs should be addressed. A couples massage allows both individuals to have their personal problems tended to, but at the same time. While one masseuse may be working on the pain that comes from your stiff neck, the other can be working on the knots in your partner’s back.

Opens the Door to a Healthy Lifestyle
By experiencing all of these health benefits, as well as relationship benefits, from a couples massage, it can easily open up the door to a new healthy lifestyle for the both of you. From discovering new healthy foods to try together, to both of you signing up for a fun class at the gym, this could be a new interest that the both of you can share.

Couples massages come in many different forms, and can range from a whole weekend of pampering to a quick thirty-minute session. If you and your partner have not yet tried a couples massage, give it a go soon, as the benefits are simply too great to ignore!

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