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OROGOLD Reports on Historic Use of Vitamins – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Reports on Historic Use of Vitamins – ORO GOLD Reviews

Vitamins have existed since the dawn of time. Many types and variations of vitamins have been man made, and various hybrid varieties have been created to work for different conditions, however vitamins as a whole have existed since man knew how to record what a vitamin was. OROGOLD Stores wants to take a brief look into the history of vitamins, and help you to better understand just where these amazing wonders of nature came from.


The discovery of certain foods which contained vitamins that cured various ailments is recorded as early as Ancient Egyptian times. Although the Egyptians were unaware that vitamins existed, and that these types of foods were actually healing due to these vitamin properties, they correlated the recovery between certain instances such as Night Blindness and other ailments to feeding the afflicted person different foods which would, essentially, cure the person in question from their ailments.

Many people in early times fed their loved ones animal organs believing the organ itself would give their family member the healing they needed, not understanding the chemical makeup or components contained within such as vitamins and minerals which were really behind the healing itself.

Vitamins throughout history have been regulated by the government and are usually categorized under special brackets under the food category rather than medications. Every country has its own regulatory aspects, however. They were eventually traded in various forms, and were even used as medicine before antibiotics were in place or invented. Many barge ships which traveled from country to country carried with it vitamins in various forms, such as powder form, which would be mixed into liquids such as water or tea for healing from various sicknesses.

For as long as man has known that vitamins have existed in their true form, they have been used to treat various illnesses and ailments which plague them for various reasons. Natural medicine practices rely solely on natural vitamins, herbs and oils, and are practiced throughout the world in many countries. In the United States, there is much speculation as to whether or not Holistic medicine is actually beneficial, or if it may cause more harm than good. Many people believe in it, while others tend to believe it’s an artificial supplication for regular medical care. It is purely based on opinion as to what type of medicine one chooses to practice or believe in.

ORO GOLD believes there are many different vitamins which are beneficial to the overall health, body, and skin, and we are so very thankful for them, and are grateful they exist. We believe in the power of healing because we infuse our products with various vitamins. We know the healing and anti-aging miracles contained within these vitamins.

We encourage everyone to do some research of their own on various vitamins, and begin implementing them into your life to become a healthier, happier you. If there is a problem within your body, chances are, the right vitamins can fix it – whether applied topically, or taken internally via a pill or capsule form.

Stay healthy and be happy, friends!

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