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OROGOLD Stores on How Much Product Should You Use?

//OROGOLD Stores on How Much Product Should You Use?

With so many options in skin care products and cosmetics sometimes knowing which products to use and how much of them to use can get confusing and even frustrating. Using too much leads to your product running out quickly and can even cause irritation. Using too little can be ineffective. As always we are here to help! Read on to find out the right amount to use for each of your skin care products.


Cleansers come in a couple different options, the most popular are milk cleansers and foaming cleansers. The good thing is that it is relatively simple to choose between them: milk cleansers are perfect for dry or sensitive skin while foaming cleansers are best for oily skin. For those with dry skin using milk cleanser you should use about a half dollar amount once a day. Those with oily skin, use about a golf ball sized amount of foaming cleanser twice a day.

Bio-Bright Skin Tone Moisturizer IMG_5028Moisturizers

Moisturizers are the most commonly used skin care products. There are many options available including creams with anti-aging ingredients, those focused on specific skin issues, even creams for certain times of the day. Look for a moisturizer that is tailored specifically to your skin type and issues. For any moisturizer you will need to use about a quarter sized amount. The frequency with which you should moisturize will vary greatly based on your skin, your level of activity and even the weather. Aim to moisturize at least once a day after you cleanse your skin.

Dark Spot Treatments

If you have uneven skin tone or have spots left over from acne than you more than likely want to use a dark spot treatment. These types of creams are effective at reducing redness and evening skin tone. Dark spot treatments can be pricey but a little goes a long way, you need about a pea sized amount for your whole face. Use the packaging instructions or your dermatologist’s advice to find out how often you need to apply. Most people use a dark spot treatment once a day.

PeelsThe Orogold 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum

Peels are an excellent addition to you skin care routine if you skin is in need of deeper cleansing. Peels are known for peeling away the top layer of dead cells that accumulate on the skin and cleaning out pores. You should use about a quarter sized amount once to twice a week.


Mask are like an added punch of skin care you can add to your routine when your skin needs something extra. Masks can do many different things for your skin from adding extra moisture to reducing oil. They are best used prior to special events or up to once a week if your skin needs. You will need to use about a nickel sized amount for best results.


Serums, like masks, can add that extra something to your beauty regime. Serums are usually lighter and absorb more quickly than masks so they are great for those of you who have oily or problematic skin. Skin experts recommend serums as extremely effective due to the fact that they contain very little liquid along with concentrated skin care ingredients. Use a pea sized amount once or twice a week for a skin boost. You can even use a serum in place of moisturizer sometimes.

Eye CreamsOG Exclusive Eye Cream DSC_4472

Dark circles and under eye bags are common afflictions many women face. Combat them with a great eye cream. You the amount you need for each eye varies from approximately the size of a grain of rice to about half a pea. Eye creams are usually used once a day, read the label for specific instructions.

Body Butters

They sound so decadent, body butters, because they should be! Body butters are designed to be super moisturizing creams for your body. The amount and frequency you will need vary greatly from person to person. Our advice is to try out your body butter after a shower to lock in moisture. Start out with a small amount and build up with more until your skin feels soft and quenched.


We hope our skin care guide will help your next time you open up a skin care product and aren’t sure of how much to use. Get the amount and frequency of use down to get your skin care routine down to a science. Have our tips opened up your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

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