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Your Guide to the Orogold 24K Nano Collection – ORO GOLD Review

//Your Guide to the Orogold 24K Nano Collection – ORO GOLD Review

The Orogold 24K Nano Collection, infused with both visible and invisible flakes, will provide potent skin benefits and the ultimate luxurious spa like experience. Your skin will receive a boost with a big dose of antioxidants. The main ingredients of the effective and opulent collection are Gold, Vitamin E, Seaweed and Lavendar. The collection is made up of four products: 24K Nano Day Recover, 24K Nano Hydra-Silk Serum, 24K Nano Hydra-Silk Mask, and 24K Nano Night Recovery. Read on for more info about each.

  • 24K Nano Day Recovery
    1. Apply over a cleansed face and neck for best results
    2. Use once or twice per week
  • 24K Nano Hydra-Silk Serum
    1. Apply over freshly cleansed face in the morning or evening
    2. Use once or twice per week
  • 24K Nano Hyrda-Silk Mask
    1. Use once a week over a clean, dry face
    2. Leave on for 10 minutes
    3. Rub into skin until liquid droplets form
    4. Let the droplets absorb into skin and evaporate
    5. Do not wash off
    6. Depending on when you use the mask, follow with Nano Day or Nigh Recovery
  • 24K Nano Night Recovery
    1. Apply every night to cleansed skin
    2. Use several drops
    3. Smooth in gently over entire face and neck
    4. Follow with your favorite Orogold moisturizer

The Nano Collection is great for providing optimum hydration. Orogold spokeswoman Denis Richards says the Nano Collection is one of her favorites because it makes her skin softer, more glowing and more youthful even after one day of use! Try it for yourself and see what it can do for your skin.

Let us know how what you think of the Nano Collection in the comments below!

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