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OROGOLD Checks Out the Top Restaurants in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Checks Out the Top Restaurants in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

Dining is an industry in itself in Hong Kong. Along with some of the top spas and most exclusive yacht clubs in the world, the city boasts of offering its guests and locals with more than 11000 restaurants to choose from. From Indian and Chinese to Mexican, French and Italian, the city is home to all sorts of cuisines. Moreover, Michelin starred eateries and roadside vendors also join hands in offering you with the perfect culmination of exotic food items and an array of dishes to look forward to. Check out top choices for dining in Hong Kong below.


1. Bo Innovation

Bo Innovation is home to rock and roll chef Alvin Leung, the pioneer of the X-Treme Chinese cuisines. The restaurant boasts of having a Michelin star rating and has also managed to grab the attention of food lovers across the world. You can choose from the monthly tasting menu that features dozens of dishes or go for the more economical 3-course lunch. Some of the main dishes at the restaurant include the signature foie gras potstickers with vinegar, soup filled dumplings, hairy crab soufflé and smoked quail’s egg with taro crust. Bo Innovation is also home to one of the most extensive wine lists in Hong Kong.


2. Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond boasts of breathtaking views of the Victoria Harbor, but its views are not the only think that define this fantastic restaurant. Above & Beyond is one of those unique places where creativity and delicacy are offered a great deal of importance as well. The restaurant is headed by Chef Joseph Tse refines his Cantonese dishes and gives them a light twist without compromising on the flavor. Some of the most popular dishes at the restaurant include marinated shredded chicken, jellyfish and duck with honeydew melon, pan-seared Kagshima pork belly with osmanthus, smoked egg with black truffles and oolong tea leaves and Kagoshima pork belly with osmanthus.


3. L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon

The L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon is a highly coveted Michelin starred restaurant that is headed by Chef Joel Robuchon. The restaurant boasts of having one of the most intimate settings and offers its guests with some of the most intricately crafted gastronomic delights using the freshest and finest ingredients. U-shaped tables and high stools define the open kitchen area and black-clad chefs construct tapas type wonders such as caramelized quail with mashed potato, warm Chartreuse soufflé with pistachio ice cream and a gorgeous 10-course tasting menu.


4. Liberty Private Works

As incongruous as the name sounds, the Liberty Private Works offers you with one of the most exclusive surroundings in Hong Kong. It might be really expensive and the number of available bookings might be very few, but if you’re looking for a private spot to dine in, it doesn’t get better than the Liberty Private Works. Chef Vicky Cheng and his team are famous for preparing inventive dishes right from the scratch in front of diners and the restaurant is most famous for its 8-course French menu that is paired with wine. Bold looking plates and beautiful decors also help in forming a unique atmosphere that gives you the perfect culinary experience.


5. The Chairman

The Chairman might be tucked away in one of the quieter corners of Hong Kong, but this authentic Cantonese restaurant truly packs a punch. The restaurant takes diners back to the 1940s and it still features its original fixtures and kitsch furnishings, from the outside that is. The white interiors are quite minimalist looking and have a unique contemporary elegance about them. What makes The Chairman so special is its authentic Chinese cuisines that are prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients. The restaurant is a favorite among the locals and some of the most popular dishes include baked Sakura shrimp with Indian almond, steamed fresh flower crab with aged Shaoxing wine, braised spare ribs with preserved plums. And if you don’t find something you like on the menu, all you need to do is state your preferences and the chef shall come up with something that suits your tastes and preferences.


6. Tim’s Kitchen

This Double Michelin Starred restaurant might be full of purple and gold decors, but there is nothing dramatic about its cuisines. In fact, Tim’s Kitchen is one of the best places to try out authentic Cantonese dishes and an entire section of the menu is reserved for unique ingredients such as abalone, bird’s nest and fish maw. The restaurant is also famous for dishes such as roasted pigeon, braised goose web with pork tendon and snake soup.


7. RyuGin

RyuGin is famous as the restaurant with a view. It is located on the 101st floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong, the ICC. This modern Japanese restaurant is not just about breathtaking views, it has the cuisines to match its appeal as well. With unique Japanese dishes and tastes that momentarily transport you back to Japan, you’re likely to fall in love with RyuGin if you like Japanese dishes. The restaurant has been branded as a Double Michelin Starred restaurant and it offers 2 private dining rooms as well.


8. Otto E Mezzo

The Otto E Mezzo disappeared from the dining scene of Hong Kong when the Ritz Carlton shut down its Central hotel in the year 2008. However, Chef Umberto Bombana finally came back with his own restaurant after two long years. In fact, his restaurant became the first Italian restaurant outside of Italy to receive Three Michelin Stars. With deep carpets and plush looking chairs, the Otto E Mezzo is famous for signature dishes such as the Burrata cheese ravioli, chitarra with red king prawn, veal chop Milanese with Sicilian tomatoes and marinated scampi with sea urchin and caviar.


9. Ming Court

The Ming Court is located in the Langham Place Hotel and it offers guests with fine dining at its very best. The restaurant has been accorded with two Michelin stars and it is extremely famous for its magnificent fusion of modern and traditional dishes that have been highlighted with Ming dynasty pottery and exotic decors. The Ming Court also houses its very own cellar that is home to more than 430 different wines. The cellar offers guests with a unique wine pairing experience that is refreshingly inexpensive.


10. Yan Toh Heen

The Yan Toh Heen is located in the InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong. This Michelin star rated restaurant offers guests with incredible views, jade fittings and refreshing dishes. One of the must try dishes at the restaurant include the peking duck with grapefruit and pears. The acidic grapefruit and sweet pears along with the richness of duck skin seems to be something like one of those Master Chef masterpieces and the presentation would put many celebrity chefs to shame.

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