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Oro Gold Products Set for Those Girl’s Night Get Togethers

//Oro Gold Products Set for Those Girl’s Night Get Togethers

When is the last time you gathered your girlfriends for a day of friendship and beauty. Was it way back in high school? Do you remember sitting around talking about boys and looking at the new beauty products in the latest edition of Cosmo while doing your nails and makeup.

Although you’ve matured and your tastes have changed, can you honestly say you wouldn’t enjoy a night reminiscent of those days of your youth? There is no reason you should not! You can elevate the tone of the evening to elegant and relaxing.

Instead of chowing down on pizza and pop, try out some sophisticated recipes and coordinating wine. Instead of bright blue eye shadows and glittering lip gloss, opt for luxurious Oro Gold Products. Follow dining with a night dedicate to decadence. Everyone can go back to their regular day to day routine in the morning, but for the evening, enjoy each other’s company and a pseudo spa. You could make this a special occasion or a regular occurrence, either way, it should be something special for you and your friends to reconnect and relax, allowing all of the daily stressors to take a backseat to your comradery and beautification.

Oro Gold Products are perfect for the occasion since they are innately luxurious with bits of 24 carat gold as one of the ingredients. You could start the beauty process with face masks. Masks are used to hydrate the skin, restoring the tone and elasticity that makes skin look youthful.

While you’re at it, why not go all out and slice up some cucumbers for everyone’s eyes. The coolness of the cucumber increases circulation around the eyes to reduce puffiness. Oro Gold eye serum, which is made with Vitamin C, can do the same thing. You’ll be removing the toxins and free radicals to let your skin breathe for a bit. You’re just with the girls, so go makeup less and let your skin shine.

After you finish with the skin on your face, treat the skin on other areas of your body. Paraffin Wax can be used to improve the quality of skin on your hands as well as your feet. Melt a block of paraffin wax and mix in an ounce of oil as well as sweet smelling essential oil. Pour the melted wax into casserole dish. It is ready to use once a skin has formed on the top of the wax, but you should always test it first. Dip your feet several times in the wax, wrap them in plastic wrap, and allow them to set for about thirty minutes. Once you peel the wax off, you will find your feet are smooth and soft.

Your friends will be so thankful that you’ve taken the time to plan an evening just for them. With all of the things in your life you put before yourself: your kids, your husband, your job, isn’t it about time you dedicated some time just for you?

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