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OROGOLD’s Hollywood Skin Care Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD’s Hollywood Skin Care Tips – ORO GOLD Reviews

The Hollywood elite are known for their beauty, fabulous hairstyles, fashionable wardrobes, and flawless complexions. But celebrities are not born with perfect skin! Rather, they tend to rely on luxurious skincare products and novel ways to protect and maintain their beautiful appearance. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews the top skin care tips used by celebrities. Adding these tips into your own skincare regimes might just help you to transform your skin and make it look flawless, younger and smoother.

Dealing with Puffiness and Dark Circles

Being a Hollywood celebrity requires a rigorous schedule full of jet lag and lack of sleep. But the red carpet is no place for tired looking eyes. So how do celebrities always manage to look well rested after a long trip? They incorporate vitamin C and caffeine into their eye care routine. These ingredients offer powerful antioxidant protection that stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenate the way your skin looks.

The Concealer That Just Won’t Conceal

Concealers are meant to cover up those unsightly skin blemishes such as pimples, but even Hollywood celebrities know the frustration of concealers that just won’t conceal. Concealers are notorious for not adhering to the area of focus, allowing the imperfection to show through. One simple solution is to first apply a primer to the affected area. By applying primer, the concealer will hold better, allowing it to do the job it was meant to do and conceal that pimple!

Preventing Breakouts

Each and every celebrity suffers from the occasional breakout. In fact, many a shoot has been delayed because of a breakout. In order to keep acne under control, celebrities are known to use products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients can help to clear up your skin within 6 – 12 weeks and ensure that it stays acne free. And if you’re looking for a quick fix, you could follow Jeniffer Love Hewitt’s footsteps and try calming your zit with toothpaste.

When Skin Starts to Loose its Glow

This might seem to be basic but pros usually stick to proper exfoliation to maintain the skin’s glowing complexion. One of the biggest problems that celebrities face is that their skin takes a beating because of the heavy makeup and the constant traveling. They negate all this damage with the help of regular exfoliation. Exfoliation lets them remove the dead and dried skin cells and allows the newer layers to shine through. Facial peels that contain ingredients like lactic acid can also work wonders in boosting the skin’s radiance.

Getting Rid of Back Acne

The back is a beautiful part of the body that is often highlighted in summer wear, fashionable gowns and dresses. Unfortunately, acne can often end up concentrating on your back. Many celebrities believe that their hair conditioner is one of the leading causes of “backne”. Often when we wash our hair, the oily residue from the conditioner remains on our back, which leads to breakouts. The ideal way to protect your back from acne is to put your hair up in a clip, and proceed to exfoliate your back, upper arms, and shoulders with a wash cloth and mild soap.

Dealing with Dry Skin

Dry skin might seem to be a simple issue, but regular moisturizers are often found to be lacking when it comes to treating dry skin. A number of celebrities like Nicole Richie and Lea Michele are known to give into oxygen treatments to deal with dry skin. A simpler option would be to simply steam your skin. Steam goes a long way in opening up your pores, softening the skin and releasing impurities. A quick face mask that moisturizes and hydrates your skin can also work wonders in helping you deal with dry skin.

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