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Cities with the Best Skin – OROGOLD Reviews

//Cities with the Best Skin – OROGOLD Reviews

When it comes to the health of your skin, where you live can have just as big an impact as genetics. Some cities around the world have ideal conditions for your skin in terms of hours of sunlight, amount of pollution, stress and diet, and residents of these cities not only tend to have clearer and smoother skin, but they also benefit from a lower risk of skin cancer. OROGOLD reviews cities with the best skin in the US.

Portland, Oregon
With a long rainy season that keeps people out of the sun, Portland, Oregon, is one of the cities with some of the best skin. Portland also enjoys less pollution, and, over recent years, has witnessed a decline in the number of people that smoke. In addition to all of this, Portland residents also generally eat healthily, exercise regularly, and know how to keep their skin safe from the sun. Compared to other US cities, residents of Portland are less likely to have suffered a sunburn in the past year, and are also less likely to be smokers, all of which leads to younger looking skin.

Sunset views of the San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco boasts of having a large number of dermatologists, an active population, a lower skin cancer death rate as well as the least number of tanning beds per capita in the US. Each day, the fog cleans the city’s air, and although the residents of San Francisco love to spend time outdoors, they also understand the importance of sunscreen.

Morning views of Honolulu, USA.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Although Honolulu experiences sunshine almost every single day, the constant rays of the sun remind people to always protect their skin. Pollution is also a factor that causes skin damage, altering DNA and worsening the effects of any ultraviolet rays on our skin, but Honolulu has one of the lowest rates of pollution in the country. People in Hawaii, possibly inspired by their gorgeous natural surroundings, also spend a large amount of time exercising, giving their skin a healthy glow.

Beautiful image of the New York City skyline.

New York, New York
Although New York may be the most populated city in the US, it is also a city with some of the healthiest skin in the country. Thanks to all of the smoking bans, the most recent of which banned smoking in public parks and beaches, the skin of New Yorkers is now much better protected. With a high density of dermatologists, the wait to see one is much shorter than that of other US cities. New York also only has 58 sunny days a year, and, with all of the shadows cast by the tall buildings, it isn’t hard for New Yorkers to cross over the street and walk in the shade, keeping their skin protected from the sun’s rays.

Although most of us wouldn’t move to another city based purely on the reason that it is better for our skin, it is important to recognize where your city lies in terms of skin health. No matter where you live, if you work hard to protect your skin from the sun, as well as from dry winter weather, stay away from smoking areas, have a healthy diet and lifestyle, and do not spend too much time in the midst of pollution, you will be able to ensure that your skin remains as healthy and problem-free as possible.

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