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Unusual Wedding Venues – OROGOLD Reviews

//Unusual Wedding Venues – OROGOLD Reviews

We are all familiar with what a traditional wedding looks like, but these days, many people are opting for a more unusual way to tie the knot. From an underwater wedding to exchanging your vows at the top of Mount Everest, there are some truly unforgettable ways to get married for those who want to be creative and have a more unconventional wedding.

Underwater Wedding
If you and your future spouse are both passionate about the ocean, reciting your vows underwater will be a truly romantic experience. These ceremonies are offered around the world, so you do not necessarily need to travel too far, and there are also many hotels that offer underwater honeymoon suites. Although you will need to have scuba diving equipment, the companies that offer these weddings will be able to guide you through all necessary procedures, making it stress-free. Your guests can also join you underwater, or they can follow the procession on a boat above land. Many people opt to have two ceremonies, one private underwater one and then another on the beach with all of their guests. Another option would be to have your ceremony in a shark tank in a marine center near you, so your guests can watch clearly from the outside whilst staying dry.

Couple celebrate their wedding besides an elephant.

Surrounded by Wildlife
For all the animal-loving couples out there, exchanging your vows with an audience of wild animals might seem too good to be true. Many zoos allow for wedding ceremonies to take place in front of chosen animal enclosures. The Singapore Zoo, one of the best in the world, will even let you arrive by elephant. If a zoo wedding sounds tame, then an African safari wedding might be just the thing for you. Many game reserves will hold wedding ceremonies out in the bush, surrounded by wildlife, or you could even exchange your vows in a hot air balloon, with the vast African plains spread out beneath you.

Bride on top of a mountain excited about her wedding.

On Top of the Highest Mountain in the World
Mount Everest, with the highest peak in the world, saw its first wedding in 2005. Although the ceremony lasted only 10 minutes, with the couple only briefly removing their oxygen masks to recite their vows, the fact that they were getting married on the highest peak in the world would have definitely made the occasion even more meaningful. If the trek to the top of Everest is not something you want to be doing on your wedding day, you could have your wedding at the base camp instead. For something more local to you, have a look at companies that offer weddings on other mountains. There are some that will fly you to the peak in a helicopter, meaning that you can still wear a gorgeous dress.

Although you will never forget your wedding day, having a more unusual and one-of-a-kind wedding will definitely make the day even more special. If you are thinking about doing this but don’t know where to start, begin by choosing from the common interests that you and your partner share, which will give you a good starting point. After that, it’s up to you to get creative!

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