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OROGOLD’s Favorite Award Shows Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD’s Favorite Award Shows Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

Award shows have been rising in popularity, with a rising number of people tuning in to watch their favorite award shows on TV. Some award shows have become the most anticipated and watched programs on television each year, and this is something that countries all over the world share. Although we love to watch the huge variety of award shows out there, we do have a few particular favorites that we make sure to never miss each year!

One of our favorite award shows, the BAFTA’s, has just recently taken place, and is held annually at the Royal Opera House in London. BAFTA stands for the British Academy Film and Television Awards, and celebrates the best talent in film and television. Some of the most coveted awards are for Best Actor and Actress, Best Film, Best British Film and the Rising Star Award, showcasing up and comers in the industry.

The Oscars, which were previously called The Academy Awards, is an American awards ceremony held each year, and is another one that we love to watch. This ceremony is another one that celebrates outstanding achievements in film, and it is considered to be one of the most prestigious and classiest award shows in the world. The most popular categories for the awards are Best Picture, Best Directing and Best Cinematography. The red carpet for this awards ceremony, like the others, are always packed with photographers hoping to get a glimpse of talented celebrities, and many fashion columns in magazines and newspapers heavily critique some of the outfits worn.

Another one of our favorite award shows is the Golden Globe Awards, also held in America each year at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where it has been held since 1961. What we love most about the Golden Globes is that it is considered to be the award show where ‘anything goes’, and can attract talent that pushes the boundaries, making it a highly entertaining, and sometimes controversial, show to watch each year.

Two of our favorite award shows that celebrate achievements and accomplishments in the music industry are the Grammy Awards and the Brit Awards. The most recent Grammy Awards ceremony occurred recently, and was held in Los Angeles. The Brit Awards began in 1977, and are held each year in London, England. Although the Brit Awards mostly only celebrate British talent, it is still a great watch, and there have been many notable moments through the years. Some individuals have won Brit Awards a multiple number of times, such as pop star Robbie Williams who has won 18, 5 of which were with his former band Take That. The Grammy Awards have a wider range of categories, from Best Pop Vocal Album to Best R&B Song, and also never fail to be a night full of fun and entertainment.

Although some people may scoff at the idea of award shows, they are an important aspect when it comes to modern culture. The different elements of music and film all have huge impacts on society, and it is important to not only recognize, but to also celebrate the variety of achievements and accomplishments that are made within these industries.

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