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OROGOLD on the Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD on the Biggest, Most Beautiful Christmas Trees in the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

If you plan to travel during the holiday season, you might want to find out more about the biggest and most beautiful Christmas trees in the world before booking your itineraries. After all, some of the most magical cities to spend your holidays would offer you with the perfect holiday spirit. And what better way of getting you into the holiday spirit than unique and exciting Christmas trees? In this article, OROGOLD reviews some of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

The Floating Tree, Rio de Janeiro

The Floating Christmas Tree has been termed as the largest Christmas tree in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. Standing a height of 278 feet and touching 542 in its weight, nothing could be larger than life than this extremely picturesque Christmas tree in Rio. The fact that it has more than 3 million lights that shall be lit up every night until January should also get you excited. Very excited.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is famous for two of its Christmas trees – the one that is placed next to the Town Hall and the one located in Cathedral Square. Both trees are a sight to behold and the surrounding bars and cafes help to set up the perfect holiday atmosphere. 

Rockefeller Center, New York, USA

The 20ft Christmas Tree that graces the Rockefeller Center shall be lit until January 7th and help you enjoy the holiday season to its fullest. Don’t forget to check out the exciting Radio City Spectacular or enjoy some ice skating at the rink while visiting the Rockefeller Center.

Berlin and Dortmund, Germany

The Brandenburg Gate Christmas Tree is by far the most famous Christmas tree in all of Berlin. It offers you with insights into traditional German Christmas and also allows you to indulge in some last minute holiday shopping.  Another Christmas tree destination worth mentioning is Dortmund. Dortmund is home to the biggest natural tree that reaches a height of 147 feet and has been decorated using 48000 lights.

Red Square, Moscow, Russia

The Christmas Tree outside the GUM Department Store on the Red Square has always ranked among the best Christmas trees in the world. If you don’t mind braving the harsh Moscow winters, a trip to the Red Square can offer you with the ideal Christmas experience. Don’t forget to pick up a few decorations while in the area.

Prague, Czech Republic

A beautiful Christmas tree has been placed near the Christmas market in Old Town Square, Prague. Apart from the tree itself, the Christmas market and traditional items like mulled wine, hot mead and local decorations are also likely to get you pumped up.

London, England

Christmas in London might be all about the tree outside the Victoria and Albert Museum and the holiday delights of Trafalgar Square, but the 26 foot tall Christmas tree located in the Legoland Windsor Resort is also worth a watch. This unique tree has been made using 300000 Lego blocks and it took almost 4 weeks to build the tree.

Paris, France

The Galeries Lafayette has been famous for putting up some of the most beautiful Christmas trees throughout the years. The fancy surroundings make it even more gorgeous and the Eiffel Tower decorations certainly help to make things exotic.

Rome, Italy

The city of Rome might not need many decorations during Christmas because of its breathtaking architectural beauty, but the various piazzas are a sight for sore eyes during Christmas. The Vatican tree that garnishes the San Pedro Plaza is also known to be worth a watch. The tree rises to a height of 82 feet and it is believed to be almost 70 years old.

Dubai, UAE

A special mention goes out to a $11 million Christmas Tree that was unveiled at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Dubai in the year 2010. Dubbed as the most expensive Christmas tree EVER, this exotic Christmas Tree showcased all that Dubai is famous for – pure luxury. What gave this 13m tree its exotic price tag was the gold and silver bows as well as the 181 precious stones (including pearls, emeralds and diamonds) that were used as decoration.

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