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OROGOLD Examines the Best Gift Shops in Canada – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Examines the Best Gift Shops in Canada – ORO GOLD Reviews

ORO GOLD offers you a list of the best gift shops in Canada where you can purchase the best gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Now, it’s all about choosing your preferred shop and hunting for that perfect gift.

Best Gift Shops in Ottawa

  1. Zone Maison. Zone Maison is a popular name in Canada and its stores are located in Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. This store offers you with a magnificent collection of easy-to-gift items such as mini ping pong sets, slate cheese plates, chinchilla throws and piggy banks.
  2. Lost Marbles. Lost Marbles is located on Bank Street and it is an ideal destination to shop for all sorts of toys. The store offers you a delightful collection of unique toys such as UglyDolls, cigarette smoking snowmen and break-dancing figures.

Best Gift Shops in Toronto

  1. Magic Pony. Magic Pony is one of the most loved stores in Toronto. It offers you with artistic and interesting ideas for gifts and features an exciting range of cards, colorful houseware and cool cell phone accessories.
  2. Drake General Store. The Drake General Store is located in Queen St. West. and in Younge St. It is believed to be the evolution of a hotel gift shop and it is particularly favored by cool Canadians looking for original books, scented candles and creative delights.
  3. OROGOLD Toronto Store. The OROGOLD Store in Toronto is located in the Holt Remfrew Centre. You might just find the perfect gift that you’re thinking of giving to that special someone at the OROGOLD Toronto Store. What’s more, you might even be doing their skin a favor by offering them with OROGOLD products. Visit the OROGOLD Store today and also enjoy excellent Black Friday discounts.

Best Gift Shops in Montreal

  1. Ben & Tournesol. Ben & Tournesol is located on Sherbrooke W. This unique store focuses on houseware made by major designer brands like Hermes, Christina Lacroix and Jonathan Adler. It is an ideal stop for all you fashionable folks.
  2. Arthur Quentin/ Bleu Nuit. Arthur Quentin/ Bleu Nuit is another store that focuses on houseware and is famous for its delightful linens and platters, wonderful smelling bathroom accessories and amazing home decor items.

Best Gift Shops in Vancouver

  1. Front and Company. Front and Company is located on Main Street and it is famous for its excellent collection of clothes for men, women and children. It also boasts of all kinds of funny gift items like hydro clocks, Freud dress-up dolls, and more.
  2. Old Faithful. Old Faithful has an extremely strong focus on designs and it offers you with all sorts of exciting gifts and presents. From a ridiculously beautiful screwdriver to suspended tetra terraniums, this store is an ideal place for those looking to get lost in a vast ocean of unique products.

Best Shops in Edmonton

  1. The Plaid Giraffe. The Plaid Giraffe is an ideal destination for those looking for the perfect gift. Some might find it to be quite generic, but it is anything but so. The store mostly targets females and attracts them with all sorts of jewelry, scarves, Nine & Co. bags and unique gift items. They even have barbed wire toilet paper and exciting hair coloring kits.
  2. TIX on the Square. TIX on the Square is an eclectic store located in the downtown arts district. This store is famous for its unique selections of jewelry, magazines, clothing, pottery, local creations, quilts and photography.
  3. OROGOLD Edmonton Store. The ORO GOLD Edmonton Store might just prove to be the ideal venue to purchase a luxurious gift for your loved one. The OROGOLD Edmonton Store is also offering a special Black Friday Sale at the moment.
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