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Toronto has often been referred to as the Swiss version of New York and it’s actually true – magnificent theatres, amazing shopping, a vibrant nightlife and trendy restaurants dot the city, but its sidewalks remain  clean, its people are friendly and its atmosphere is soothing. The best place to start your Torontian journey is at the very top – at the observation deck of the CN Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Canada.

You might ask what makes Toronto so special. Well, the city is unique in terms of its art, sporting activities, cuisines and history. It also boasts of an amazing public transit system that consists of a world class subway network, streetcars, taxis and buses which makes it easy to get from one place to another. In fact, Toronto is considered to be the biggest attraction in Toronto. Irrespective of the season you choose to visit the city, you can always expect tourists soaking in unique neighborhoods and indulging in extravagant fashion styles. Each of these enclaves might be influenced by various ethnic diversities, but each of them blend into each other, thereby creating a perfect cultural melting pot for the onlooker.

The Kensington Market is one of the best places to start your tours and Cabbagetown, Chinatown, Greektown, the Annex and the Beach are also worth your while. Each neighborhood is unique in its own way – some are home to an explosive music scene, some are known for their unique restaurants and cuisines while others are famous for their abundant visual and performing arts.  If you’re looking for something quirkier, step onto the College Street and the West Queen West to explore unique shops and restaurants.

Toronto is also known to be a city that is driven by its seasons. You can expect dramatic shifts in the nature of the locals as the weather shifts from one season to the other. The winter months are marked by near-empty streets and a haunted look. However, this doesn’t mean that the city goes into a slumber during the winter months. The action is simply taken to the underground pathway network known as the PATH. Snowy and chilly streets are not the place to be during the winters. All the action can be found in the galleries, cafeterias and the underground shops. The spring seasons bring people back onto the streets. July emerges as an entirely new ballgame as the city fills up with laughing people, overflowing public squares and crowded parks and gardens.

There are a number of sights and attractions that make Toronto worth your while. The city is home to works from a number of star architects such as Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Daniel Libeskind and Will Aslop. It is also home to vast and varied attractions and ensures that there is something for all sorts of travelers. Apart from the CN Tower, a tour to the incredibly romantic Niagara Falls is a must. Other tourist hotspots include the Royal Ontario Museum, the Princess of Wales Theatre, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Eaton Centre, Harbourfront, the Sony Centre and the Toronto Islands.

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