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Oro Gold: What’s Your Scent?

//Oro Gold: What’s Your Scent?

While a single signature fragrance used to be all the norm in the past, things are certainly much different now, with the average modern-day woman owning around six different scents. With all of these great choices, women are able to choose a specific scent based on their mood that day, or based on a certain occasion. However, with so many different fragrance types, from citrus to floral to oriental to spicy, the options can sometimes seem confusing! To help you out, OROGOLD has put together a quick reference guide of the basic scents, along with some useful suggestions on when you should be wearing each one.

These perfumes are lively and energetic – full of the tangy essence of citrus fruits. They are best worn during the day, whether you’re at work, at lunch with your girlfriends, or heading out for a shopping trip.

Floral scents are sweet and romantic. While they sometimes may contain just a single note, they usually combine the essence of a variety of flowers in order to create a unique, feminine blend. OROGOLD recommends that you use floral fragrances when you want to show off your girly side, whether it be for a family gathering, a wedding or a church service.

Fruity perfumes are fresh and spicy. These fragrances will perk up the nose with the familiar scents of apples, peach, berry, mango, and other fruits, and are usually blended with florals for a compelling aroma. This is a great scent to wear on a first date, or for a night on the town.

Green fragrances are natural and energetic, infused with the scent of nature, from freshly cut grass to green leaves. These lively and sharp notes tend to be unisex, ideal for both men and women. Save these scents for the daytime, as their sporty appeal makes them great for any casual or outdoor activity, whether it be a sporting event or visiting your local flea market.

Oceanic scents are a fairly modern invention that use a blend of synthetic compounds to evoke natural smells, such as the fresh mountain air, an ocean spray, or clean linen. They are ideal for job interviews or an important meeting, as their crisp and fresh aromas bring about a sense of cleanliness and efficiency.

Sexy and distinctly feminine, oriental scents are sensual blends that feature earthy notes, such as musk and ambergris, often combined with warm tones, such as amber. Oriental scents are also often blended with floral fragrances, resulting in a truly unique ‘floriental’ outcome. These bold and mysterious fragrances make quite the statement, which is why OROGOLD suggests you wear them for a big night out, or even if you are looking to seduce a special someone!

These perfumes leave the impression of sugar and spice and everything nice. They evoke the memory of mom’s kitchen, smelling of baked cinnamon rolls and gingerbread cookies. With hints of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and pepper, these perfumes are comforting and alluring in an old-fashioned way. Wear them to a parent-teacher conference, or to lunch with your best friend.

Woody scents use blends of bark and moss, conjuring up images of long walks through the woods. These classic and strong fragrances appeal to both men and women, and is perfectly suited for a day at the office.

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