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Oro Gold on Looking Beautiful After a Long Trip

//Oro Gold on Looking Beautiful After a Long Trip

Most folks do not put on their dress clothes for traveling, although that was the status quo of yesteryear.  More than anything, we want to be comfortable for the long trip, so we throw on sweatpants and a T-shirt.  But often, at the end of the long trip, you need to be presentable.  Maybe you are meeting loved ones or business associates.  You wouldn’t want their first impression of you to be as a worn out, rough looking traveler.  You do not have to don your suit and tie or Sunday best, but there are some ways to stay comfortable and look fabulous, even after spending hours in a car or plane. Here are some tips from Oro Gold to help you look your best after a long trip.

It’s All About the Moisturizer

If you are flying, expect the humidity in the cabin to be about ten percent.  If traveling by car, the air conditioner or heater sucks the moisture out of the air.  This is an atmosphere for nearly instant dehydration, so expect  your skin and hair to reflect the change.  Protect your skin with a rich moisturizer like Oro Gold daily moisturizing cream.  You should also drink water, and plenty of it.  If you’re on the road, you may need to make some rest area stops along the way.  But it will be worth it if you can counteract the dryness in the air and your skin will retains its healthy, vibrant glow.

Picking the Right Outfit

Although you have a right to be comfortable, pajamas and sweatpants probably are not the best idea if you have somewhere to be or someone to see directly at the end of your trip.  Don’t wear clothes that can wrinkle easily.  You can’t go wrong with a pair of nice, comfortable jeans and a cotton shirt.  You can always pack an extra shirt in your carry on to change into at the end of your trip.

Be Prepared

Along with an extra shirt, you should pack a few more items in your carry on or within easy reach in your car.  Baby wipes come in handy for all sorts of reasons, even if you just want to feel a little cleaner after long hours of traveling.  Although there are new beauty products like dry shampoo to clean your hair in a pinch, baby powder also does the trick.  If you have oily hair, put some powder in your hands and work it through your hair starting at your scalp.  It absorbs the oil and gives your hair a cleaner look.

Less Is More

Although it is important to use Oro Gold cosmetics before the trip, the less makeup and hair product you wear during the trip, the easier it will be to touch up along the way.  A clean face during the majority of the trip means that when you arrive at your destination, you can do a quick application for a fresh look.  If your hair is prone to get messy, opt for a pony tail or braid to keep it tame throughout the trip while still achieving a polished look.  Right before you arrive, use Oro Gold cosmetics and you will look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon and not a plane.

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