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Oro Gold Cosmetics: Caring for and Accentuating the Lips

//Oro Gold Cosmetics: Caring for and Accentuating the Lips

Lips are one of the most delicate parts of the body and therefore need special care and attention. A beautiful smile can brighten up any day, but dry, chapped lips are embarrassing and unattractive. Maintaining a nutritious diet and regular exercise are important for the health of your lips, as well as the entire body. The most common reason for cracked lips is constant licking and biting of the lips. Balms, gloss, and oils can help lips remain more supple and flexible.

Caring for the lips is just as important as caring for the rest of your skin. Lips need regular moisturizing since they don’t have many natural defenses and can easily be damaged by the drying effects of wind, sun, pollution, and indoor heating and cooling. Keep in mind that your lips don’t have sweat glands and contain few oil- producing glands, leaving saliva as the only protection–and saliva really isn’t all that helpful. Choose from a variety of Oro Gold products, or another trusted name brand, for the best new beauty products for caring and accentuating the lips.

Tips for caring for your delicate “kissables”

● Keep lips moisturized daily with the use of lip balms, glosses, or sticks. Dealing with the constant ravages of the environment and the elements can leave lips dry and dull. Use balms with SPF to protect your lips in all seasons. Lip glosses will also give your lips a soft feel and a luscious appearance.
● Try using a moisturizing lip balm at night while you sleep and wake up with soft, kissable lips.
● Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and consume plenty of fruits and fiber. When lips lose hydration, they become chapped, dry, and black.
● Avoid licking your lips too much. This actually dries them out, causing them to become chapped and cracked.
● Try gentle exfoliating at least once a week to help get rid of some of the dead skin. This will stimulate cell turnover to keep lips looking smooth, soft, and healthy. Note that you should never exfoliate sunburned, cracked, or damaged lips.
● Fight fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth with a simple exercise: Open your mouth as wide as possible and resist slightly as you close it. Do 10 to 12 repetitions.

Applying lip color

Lip color adds the finishing touches to makeup and should blend the other colors used to bring your face to life. However, if lip color is badly applied, it will look clumsy and unsubtle. Typically, the trick to well-defined lips is to make use of lip liner pencils and then build up color using a lip brush and your lip color. The overall effect should be lips with extra definition brought to life with a burst of color. Oro Gold cosmetics can help you find the best lip colors for your skin tone and lifestyle. Plus, Oro Gold products can aid in the maintenance of healthy lips and overall skin care. Use the steps below to help you create your desired look:

1 Use a lip primer to help soften the lips and fill in fine lines. Gently rub on a small amount and allow it to set. Blot excess primer with a tissue if needed.
2 Outline the natural edge of the lips with a lip lining pencil, making sure the color doesn’t bleed. Blot extra color with a tissue to set the color.
3 Use a lip brush to apply your chosen color. Relax your mouth so that it is slightly open and brush on color from corners of the middle point of both lips.
4 Press lips gently with a tissue, being careful not to smudge the color or remove too much. Then brush on more color to create a deeper effect.
5 For a matte look, dust lips very lightly with a translucent powder using a large, soft brush. For a shiny finish, use a clear or lightly tinted lip gloss or shiny balm on top of lip color.

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