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The Importance of Makeup Hygiene from Oro Gold Cosmetics

//The Importance of Makeup Hygiene from Oro Gold Cosmetics

Oro Gold Cosmetics: Makeup Hygiene

An important part skin care involves practicing good makeup hygiene. Keeping makeup brushes clean, changing your makeup sponges often, and disposing of outdated makeup will help eliminate bacterial contamination. Oro Gold Cosmetics offers some helpful tips to maintain good makeup hygiene.

Clean makeup brushes

Every two weeks or so, add about an inch of water to a cup, then combine a mild cleanser. This can be your shampoo or your body wash or cleanse. Place your brushes in the solution, one at a time, and swirl it around. If the water becomes very cloudy, replace it and repeat the steps until the water is nearly clean after swirling. Rinse brushes and let air dry (keep them laying down, not upright, as this can cause the water to pool on the metal attachment and wooden frame). Oro Gold Products is a trusted name for all of new beauty products, including makeup accessories like brushes.

Replace makeup sponges

When your makeup sponge starts to fill with makeup (about every three weeks), it’s time to swap it out. You don’t want to swipe old makeup, oils from the skin, and possibly bacteria onto your fresh face. This rule also applies to makeup applicators you might be using (such as eyeshadow applicators). Check out your Oro Gold Cosmetics store for great makeup accessories for all of your beauty needs.

Toss out-dated makeup

Every three to six months, inspect your makeup and toss out old products–mascara should be changed even sooner. As you dip makeup brushes and applicators into your eyeshadow or blush then apply it repeatedly to the skin, bacteria, dirt, and oils from the skin are being introduced to your makeup palette.  Over time your makeup can end up quite “germy.” To avoid this, keep your brushes clean and change makeup sponges and applicators on a regular basis. Outdated makeup (anything over a year) should also be tossed.

What not to do

  • Don’t share makeup. Sharing makeup is always a bad idea. Infections can be transmitted from one person to another with bad makeup hygiene and by using old makeup.
  • Don’t apply makeup before washing hands. Always wash hands before applying makeup or performing any other beauty ritual. You can introduce bacteria, oils from your fingertips, and dirt from under the fingernails to your skin.
  • Don’t store makeup in places that retain moisture or heat. Warm, moist makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is transferred to the skin and can enter through the eyelids and lips as well, causing eye and mouth infections.
  • Don’t leave a mess. Always take the time to clean up after using makeup. Recap bottles and safely put away makeup to avoid products drying out and inviting bacteria. If something spills in your makeup bag, always make time to clean it up with hot, soapy water.
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