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Whistler is one of the most popular destinations in Canada’s most westerly province. It is located at a two hours drive from Vancouver and is known to be one of the most famous ski destinations in the world. The resort town is surrounded by two majestic mountains – Blackcomb and Whistler – which together provide ski enthusiasts with skiable terrains that stretch to more than 8000 acres. Both mountains can be easily accessed from 5 bases which include adequate lift systems as well.

Whistler became famous in the international tourist map for being a pedestrian only village that boasts of stunning landscapes, a beautiful culture, reliable skiing, a plethora of activities such as Nordic sports, mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding and a range of restaurants, bars and festivals to choose from. The town really is something else – a global citizenry and magnificent outdoor sporting activities make it look exotic and feel exciting at the same time. Be warned that this four season resort town is extremely busy all throughout the year and almost 2 million lift tickets are sold in the winter months.

The town has been centered on 4 neighborhoods. You should reach the Whistler Creekside if you approach Whistler from the South. Creekside is considered to be a cheaper imitation of its more popular neighbor. Whistler Village is the main hub in town. It is full of all sorts of shops, restaurants, hotels and bars. Those looking for B&B accommodations would prefer to move into the quiet neighborhood of Whistler North. Finally, the Upper Village is home to most of the swanky and glittering hotels and resorts of Whistler.

View of lake with trees and building in the distance in Whistler, CanadaThe winter months are known to be the best time to visit Whistler as the town is primarily famous for its magnificent skiing and winter sports activities. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot visit Whistler in the summer months. The summer months offer tourists with something even more unique – breathtaking scenery, picture perfect lakes and an array of activities that range from zip lining to mountain biking.

Another aspect of Whistler that makes it so special is its untamed wilderness. Tourists can choose from a number of options which range from back country tours and sightseeing expeditions to hiking to check out the exotic flora and fauna that the town has to offer. Marmots, deers, cougars, eagles, fish, bears and a variety of birds call the valley their home. The River of Golden Dreams  and the Garibaldi Provincial Park also ensure that tourists have more than enough on their hands to explore the scenic beauty of the area. The Spring seasons are famous for showcasing some of the finest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world such as the Brandywine Falls, Alexander Falls, Shannon Falls and Nairn Falls. Finally, those looking for something different can also get up close and personal with one of the many glaciers located in the valley.

View of skiers on a mountain in Whistler, CanadaThe best way to travel to Whistler  is via the Sea to Sky Highway. This highway connects the town to Vancouver and is famous as one of the most scenic drives in the world. Expect to spend at least 3 – 4 hours on the road, 2 hours for driving and 1 – 2 hours for gawking at the mind-boggling scenery on display.

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