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What was once known to be a quiet little town has now transformed into the most touristy city in the United States of America. Yes, folks! We’re talking about the theme park capital of the world, our very own Orlando. If you’re visiting Orlando for the very first time, you might be mistaken in thinking that there is very little to the city other than theme parks and plastic havens. The international charms such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Downtown Orlando and Highway-192 certainly might lead you to think so.

Well, you might wonder what else Orlando, a city that features the largest collections of entertainment parks in the world along with all support systems that go with them (hotels, nightclubs, shops, restaurants, etc.) might have to offer? Let’s just say that Orlando is actually about a lot more than its plastic adventures. Despite being landlocked, Orlando manages to offer its visitors with access to thousands of beaches and lakes. The subtropical climate also allows for all sorts of outdoor activities throughout the year. The presence of large contingents of Asians, African – Americans, Canadians and Brits ensure a multicultural society and influences from cultures across the world.  However, what truly makes Orlando special is that despite all the showbiz, the glitz and glamour, it hasn’t forgotten that it is a place where people just want to have fun. As a result, it manages to offer all sorts of things that you could possibly want – cosmetic and natural delights, expensive and economical outings, world famous theme parks and picturesque locations as well as couple and family oriented attractions.

Unique tree lined neighborhoods, a sense of history and culture, a fantastic arts scene, magnificent museums, beautiful parks and gardens and a slow paced lifestyle are just a few of the things that beckon tourists outside the theme parks. For a city that consists of thousands of acres of wetlands and woods mere minutes away from the main tourist areas, finding unique nature and wildlife viewing opportunities isn’t as difficult as choosing among them. Some of the most famous natives of Central Florida such as those beautiful pink roseate spoonbills and those magnificent Sandhill cranes can be seen here. Other common sightings include Raptors, bald eagles and alligators.

It is quite easy to get lost in the isolated worlds offered by Universal Studios and the Walt Disney World, but you need to divert your attention from the unending streams of entertainment that these places have to offer. You might be tempted to squeeze in that extra ride or that extra show, but you would do so at the expense of everything that Orlando offers beyond these constructed environments. Even if you’re in the city just for those man-made wonders, make sure that you spend a day exploring its slower paced lifestyle and exploring the quieter sights of Orlando.

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