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Late Night Fun in Hong Kong – OROGOLD Reviews

//Late Night Fun in Hong Kong – OROGOLD Reviews

Unlike many other cities, Hong Kong becomes livelier and fascinating once the sun goes down. From squid fishing after dark to sipping on a cocktail at one of the many chic cocktail bars, OROGOLD reviews the best late night fun to be had in Hong Kong.

Late Night Cocktail Bars
Hong Kong could easily rival New York as the city that never sleeps, and, if you are in the mood for a late night cocktail, there’s plenty of establishments to choose from. Origin, in Central, is a gin bar that has an award-winning mixologist that creates the most innovative gin infusions, served up with edible foams and all sorts of other creative additions. Those who want to try a rare whisky should head to nearby Stockton, and check out their range of premium bourbon, Japanese and Scotch whisky, as well as their very own range of barrel-aged cocktails which you can enjoy in the hidden cigar room. Also not too far away is The Woods, where their delicious cocktail infusions are created in the same way that a chef would create a gourmet dish. Featuring the freshest ingredients from the season, along with artisanal liquors and a four-course menu that complements the cocktails, this is one of OROGOLD’s favorite molecular cocktail bars in Hong Kong.

Boat fishing for squids at night.

Squid Fishing
Since squid and cuttlefish only come out at night, the only time to catch them, and enjoy them cooked fresh with some soy sauce and garlic, is after dark. There are many companies that over boat rentals for up to 30 people, so late night squid fishing is a great excuse to hang out with friends on the water after dark. If you are a fishing beginner, do not worry, as you will be given a simple line and hook that you will dip in the water and move around to imitate a fish, and, soon after, you will catch you very own squid that the boat staff will instantly pan-fry for you.

Authentic dim sum in Hong Kong.

Late Night Dim Sum
A late night dim sum feast is something that has been deeply embedded in Hong Kong’s culture, and the many late night dim sum restaurants, from fine dining to streetside cafes, reflect this. San Hing, in Kennedy Town, has been around for more than 20 years, and has developed a strong base of loyal customers that love their specialities. Although San Hing opens at 3am, you will need to head over there slightly earlier to grab a seat, as they get filled up extremely quickly. OROGOLD recommends checking with the staff to find out what their seasonal specialities are, as these are often not listed on the menu. If dim sum is new to you and you are not sure what to order, OROGOLD suggests the following: siu mai, an open yellow dumpling featuring pork and shrimp, har gao, diced shrimp wrapped in delicate, translucent wrappers, and char siu bao, fluffy buns that are filled with barbecue pork in a sticky, sweet sauce.

From cocktails to dim sum, Hong Kong is full of fun to be had after dark. Once the sun goes down, the streets come alive with food vendors, flashy bars, streetside fortune tellers, and much more, and you will see a completely different side to this buzzing, cosmopolitan city.

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