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OROGOLD Grand Openings

//OROGOLD Grand Openings

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OROGOLD Cosmetics has recently celebrated the grand opening of its store in New York. OROGOLD grand openings are major events that are celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy. Each event attracts a lot of fanfare and also hosts a large gathering of prominent local personalities. These store openings have been frequented by some of the most popular bloggers who then review OROGOLD products and services and write about their exclusive experiences in their own blogs. Every grand opening of OROGOLD Cosmetics is known to be more decadent that the one before and each affair is full of gilded dancers, cosmetics, harps and lots of GOLD. This post reviews some of the hottest things to expect at an OROGOLD grand opening and things that can also be seen in an OROGOLD store on any other day!

Lavish Hors d’oeuvres

Over the years, the hors d’oeuvres served by OROGOLD Cosmetics in its stores have received a lot of appreciation from our customers. ORO GOLD always strives to ensure that customers enjoy the best luxuries and offering some of the most lavish and delicious hors d’oeuvres seems to be a great start.

Decadent Treats

Apart from lavish hors d’oeuvres, the OROGOLD store is also full of decadent treats, a variety of sweets and mouth-watering desserts. Just take a look at those beautiful OROGOLD cookies from Baked by Melissa in New York and try not to get hungry!

Flowing Champagne

What grand opening has ever been successful without flowing champagne to accompany it? However, flowing champagne isn’t just reserved for our grand openings. OROGOLD Customers can enjoy refreshing champagne each time they visit the OROGOLD store for our exclusive treatments or our exciting products.

Elegant Music

They say that music plays a huge role in setting the perfect mood for a soothing and opulent skin care experience. OROGOLD might not be able to cater to each and every wish at its grand openings, but you can certainly customize the music to suit your preferences while enjoying our signature VIP facials. That being said, the harpists that are invited to perform at our grand openings are renowned personalities in their own field!

Dazzling Entertainment

Another factor that plays an important role in any successful grand opening is dazzling entertainment. Like all other features on this list, entertainment isn’t something that we believe in reserving for special occasions only. Every trip to an OROGOLD store is bound to be exciting, informative and enjoyable. The stores may not boast of gilded dancers grooving to sexy tunes all the time, but they certainly offer a fair share of opulence on any given day.

Fabulous Products

One of the main reasons why OROGOLD Cosmetics has been able to enjoy so many grand openings in different destinations across the globe is that our customers have stayed loyal to our products and showed us their love and support over the years. The fabulous response received by our products and our stores inspires us to open new stores in different places  around the world. The sense of satisfaction that these products bring to our customers is what we ultimately strive for.

Excellent Service

OROGOLD isn’t about simply offering you a fabulous and effective product. OROGOLD strives to offer all inclusive indulgence, something that we like to call the OROGOLD Experience. Every interaction with ORO GOLD Cosmetics is bound to be memorable. Our excellent levels of service and immense stress on quality play a huge role in defining who we are as a brand.

Luxurious Facials

Whoever said you need an invitation to our grand opening to enjoy one of our luxurious facials? Each OROGOLD store in every corner of the world offers complimentary facials. These facials are an ideal way to experience and explore the luxuries and wonders that are in store for you when you choose OROGOLD as your skin care companion.

Lifestyle Magazine

The OROGOLD Lifestyle Magazine isn’t your everyday magazine. This exclusive magazine offers you the best and hottest insights into the worlds of beauty, skin care, fashion, travel and lifestyle.

VIP Treatment

It took us some time to come up with the words VIP Treatment, but only because we don’t believe in differentiating between our customers. Each OROGOLD product caters to specific skin types and specific skin issues. Every OROGOLD treatment has been customized to suit your particular needs the best. Our highly-trained staff ensure that every trip to OROGOLD feels special, irrespective of whether you come here for window shopping or come here to purchase an entire collection for yourself. To enjoy an entirely unique experience, all you have to do is visit the nearest OROGOLD store for a free product demonstration.

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