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Healing Waters Around the World

//Healing Waters Around the World

There are stories around the world of various bodies of water or springs capable of providing healing for those who seek them. While OROGOLD doesn’t know of any genuinely miraculous bodies of water, there are plenty of highly therapeutic hot spring locations around the world capable of easing the body and the mind. From the coast of Japan to the heart of Turkey, these springs each have long histories of being enjoyed by people for their soothing properties. These places have been frequented by rulers, politicians, and generals over their long years of service and if anyone had an idea of what was good for them, it had to be such people.

Pamukkale, Turkey
These hot springs in Turkey has a visually arresting appearance with the waters themselves contributing to the creation of flowing white pools of deposited minerals built up over the ages. But there is an extra aspect to OROGOLD’s recommendation of these springs in particular as they were approved of no less than Cleopatra herself according to legend. Many of the pools aren’t available to the public to ensure their history of beauty and royalty are preserved, but some pools remain set aside for people to enjoy the soothing waters. Furthermore, the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis are nearby to give you a reason to stretch your newly soothed legs after a stay in one of the pools.

Omni Homestead Resort, USA
In the Allegheny mountains, the Omni Homestead Resort maintains the mineral-rich hot springs former presidents and many politicians have enjoyed over the history of the United States. These springs provide the rustic beauty of the Allegheny mountains combined with the services of a full resort. Not only does this get you away from the bustle of city life, but you don’t have to sacrifice much in the way of convenience. Anyone with a particular eye for US history will enjoy the special sort of feeling about relaxing in the soothing waters recommended to the founding fathers. The spring’s location likewise ensures travelers can enjoy a distinctly Southern hospitality without needing to venture into the Deep South.

Onsen Japan

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Arima Onsen, Japan
Japan’s special relationship with each onsen (hot spring) in its territory is reflected in how they permeate Japanese cultural history. Each onsen can lay claim to various people of power that have enjoyed the waters across time, and countless stories of the healing potential of the waters. Arima is no different. Situated in the city of Kobe, the onsen offers a unique combination of enforced natural beauty combined with the ease of urban life. This ease of access and use is combined with the long history of use for the onsen. Some sources suggest that Arima onsen may be the very oldest spring still in use in Japan.

There’s always somewhere new to go or some exciting new place to see around the world. Fortunately, some of the places most associated with healing have been in the same place for centuries and will remain in the same place. OROGOLD hopes these recommendations help the next time you need to take a break from your jet-setting or simply to take the time to let your body heal from your last rock-climbing trip. Don’t forget your sunscreen though since hot springs are outdoor affairs.

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