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Natural Healing Spots

//Natural Healing Spots

People have known the therapeutic benefits of travel for ages, and in the early days of medicine there were doctors that would even recommend particular climates to help counter the difficulties of a particular illness. Beyond this there are specific locations in the world that developed a reputation for being both spiritually and physically healing. No matter your temperament, OROGOLD has a number of these places to recommend. These locations range from places to just get away from it all or to get in touch with history while you soothe your body and spirit.

Bath, England
The mineral-rich hot springs of the city of Bath in England had value to both the ancient people of the lands and the invading Romans. It took the Romans to formalize things though by building structures to shield and adequately make use of the hot springs in the often temperamental British weather. Centuries later, the British themselves capitalized on the waters by creating the ornate Georgian architecture that still stands. Here you can wander amidst the buildings and learn about the history of the areas and the springs as you breathe in their scent. However, you can also enjoy the waters yourself by making an appointment with the local spa that continues in the long tradition of allowing people to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the water.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona
For anyone seeking a more spiritual kind of healing, Sedona has become THE destination to visit for the spiritual, if not religiously-minded. The area plays host to a variety of New Age groups and claims to play host to many mystical energy fields. These beliefs draw upon the treatment of the area as sacred land by some tribes of Native Americans. As a result, the city plays host to a wide variety of sources of less medically minded healing. The stark and surprisingly breath-taking landscape of Arizona is also sure to appeal to the explorer and nature lover in anyone.

Lourdes, France

Lourdes, France
The fame of Lourdes largely stems from its reputation for healing waters that were uncovered by the guidance of the virgin Mary. There is no understating its reputation among Catholics, and as a result the area has built up a substantial history from the many people who have sought healing in the area. Even those not seeking relief from a physical ailment have reported there is a great sense of spiritual peace and togetherness that pervades the area. The endless sea of humanity and hope seems to call to something deep in the human spirit whether they are Catholic or not.

There are many other locations around the world reputed to have healing properties and these are only a few that OROGOLD can recommend. Out in the world there are volcanic baths, meditation caves, and countless sites beating to the pulse of humanity. Ultimately it comes down to you to select the place that is best for your health. The infinite variety of locations ensure any kind of healing you’re looking for can be found in one place or another. Though OROGOLD would like to remind you not to forget your sunscreen in tropical locales as most healing places are reputed to help with less mundane things than sunburn.

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