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Celebrate Miami Beach’s Birthday – OROGOLD Reviews

//Celebrate Miami Beach’s Birthday – OROGOLD Reviews

Miami Beach, home to 90,000 residents, celebrates its 100th birthday this year. The city welcomed over 14 million tourists last year, and this year the number is set to rise even higher, as people flock to the city to celebrate its birthday in true Miami Beach style.

Beach Parties
Miami Beach is known for throwing top world-class parties with the best entertainment, and its 100th birthday party was no exception. Their centennial concert, held on the beach, showcased some of the best Miami artists, as well as being a platform for people to discuss important issues affecting the area, such as climate change and the rising sea levels. There are plenty more beach parties to be attended, and you always have the option of hosting your own private party, celebrating the centennial in your own way.

Art and Photography Exhibitions
The Miami Beach Centennial Photo Exhibit is on until the end of May. It incorporates a variety of images from the Miami Beach Historical Archives, as well as other sources, visually conveying the history of the city throughout the past 100 years, including some fascinating images of mangrove swamps and the growing tourist meccas.

Beach Weddings
To celebrate the centennial, a mass wedding was held on the beach, where 50 couples tied the knot overlooking the beautiful Florida coast. Miami Beach is a great wedding location due to its gorgeous surroundings, easy access and multiple catering options, so if you are looking to get married soon, it is a great opportunity to have a double wedding party, celebrating your marriage and the centennial at the same time.

Heineken TransAtlantic Festival
This annual music event is back for its 13th year, paying tribute to Miami for being a modern TransAtlantic capital, as well as for being the crossroad between the Old and New Worlds. The festival features music from many of the cities on the Atlantic rim, with artists playing a mix of traditional rhythms and electronica. The two-night event lasts until the 11th of April, and is one of the best festivals that you will find in Miami Beach.

Centennial Merchandise
Many of the stores around the city will be selling merchandise relating to Miami Beach’s 100th Birthday, giving you the chance to wear clothing that shows off your Miami Beach pride. You can also purchase many items on the Miami Beach online store, with residents of the city receiving some great discounts.

South Beach Comedy Festival
The South Beach Comedy Festival lasts until the 11th of April, with each night showcasing different comedians at the Fillmore, Miami Beach. There are many great acts from which to choose, from Dave Chappelle to Bill Burr, guaranteeing you an evening full of fun and laughter.

The city has spent over $1.5 million to celebrate the centennial, so be sure to make the most of all of the activities and events. Since the area will be seeing large amounts of visitors this month, ORO GOLD recommends you to book any events that you wish to attend as far in advance as possible.

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