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Miami, considered to be one of the most exciting, intoxicating and beautiful places in the world, is as famous for its celebrity lifestyle and cosmopolitan flair as its multicultural environment and family friendly activities. Miami might boast of exciting landscapes, loads of cash, a number of corporate headquarters and exotic attractions, but what makes Miami so unique is the never ending energy that can be found in its people.

More than two thirds of its population are Hispanic and Spanish is considered to be the predominant language almost all over the city. However, Miami wasn’t always known to be so serene, so beautiful, so picture perfect. There was a time when Miami was nothing more than a swampy outpost that consisted of more mosquitoes than humans. It was only in the twenties that Miami began to experience its very own property boom. The tourist centric resort areas came around in the fifties just as thousands of Cubans began to settle in Miami. However, the promising start was once again haltered through the sixties to the eighties and the city ended up having the highest murder rate in the United States in the year 1980. Ever since then, constant reformations and gentrification of the South Beach helped to make tourism the main lifeline once again and transform Miami into a safe haven for all sorts of people.

Talking about tourism, modern day Miami can satiate almost any type of desire. A spectacular set up, exotic beaches, a sizzling atmosphere, a crazy nightlife, magnificent shopping facilities, beautiful art galleries and a range of family and sporting activities await all those who set foot in the city. Whether you prefer artistic pleasures or historical insights, cultural experiences or cosmopolitan delights, Miami has it all.

Not all is about development in Miami. Even though most of its seaside areas have been urbanized, there is still a great deal of nature and beauty on offer. Any trip to Miami can never be complete without visiting the Everglades and the Keys. The Everglades enjoy the reputation of being the most unique ecosystem in the continent, a wetland that seems to have been painstakingly crafted by mother nature over generations. To the south of Miami lies the Florida Keys. The Keys are basically known for the exotic sandbars and beautiful islands that offer tourists with a place to pan out and disappear for a while.

Yes, the cosmopolitan approach and shimmering image of sex and wealth might be weird. But it’s a pleasant type of weird. Weird and beautiful. Just think of all those sexy looking people lining up outside one of the major nightclubs in the city. No matter what you do or who you are, one thing is for sure – Miami is the playground of the wealthy.

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