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Best Places for Adventure Sports

//Best Places for Adventure Sports

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Adventure sports are a great way to get your pulse racing and your adrenaline flowing, whether it be from white water rafting through some of the most difficult rapids in the world or performing stunts while bungee jumping hundreds of meters in the air. While opportunities for adventure sports can be found just about everywhere, there are some destinations that have been blessed with certain natural resources, which provide the ideal conditions for different adventure sports. Here are some of OROGOLD’s picks of the best places in the world for adventure sports.

Queenstown, New Zealand
New Zealand is known the world over for being one of the best destinations for adventure sports. The Ledge Bungy and Swing, located 400 meters above Queenstown, is the first place that OROGOLD would recommend you visit. At the Ledge, adventure-seekers can be put their own spin on bungee jumping, making use of special harnesses that allow you to perform flips, twists and other maneuvers. The Ledge is also the only place in New Zealand where you can bungee jump at night – something else that OROGOLD would highly recommend. Next, OROGOLD highly suggests that you visit the Nevis Swing – the biggest swing in the world. Hanging 160 meters over the river, the rope of the swing is even longer than the length of a rugby field, and will launch you across the valley at speeds of over 70 miles per hour.

Skiing in the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps, Switzerland
The Swiss Alps, with its powdery peaks and dramatic scenery, is a great destination for any adventure sports enthusiast to visit. Of course, skiing is the most common sport on the Swiss Alps, with plenty of choices for all ability levels. Another popular activity is hiking through the stunning Alpine vistas, and, with over 65,000 kilometers of marked trails, you won’t run out of areas to explore. For something slightly different, OROGOLD recommends giving a snowshoe trek a try. These are available at locations throughout the Swiss Alps, and there are some great options. A culinary snowshoe tour will allow you to have a go at snowshoe trekking while being able to sample Valaisian specialties, while a moonlight snowshoe trek can turn this adventure sport into quite the romantic activity!

White water rafting.

Zambia, Africa
When it comes to white water rafting, the Zambezi River has some of the most stunning grade five rapids in the world. These are the most difficult level of rapids to navigate, with anything higher than this being considered impossible to attempt in a raft. Rafting trips range from half day excursions to a 7-day trip, with the longer ones providing a helicopter ride back to the start point. When in Zambia, OROGOLD would also recommend the Gorge Swing, the first commercial High Wire in the world. After being attached to a full body harness, thrill-seekers then take a running dive off the edge of a cliff, 75 meters in the air, before soaring across the deep gorge.

Even if you aren’t an adventure sports junkie, many of these activities are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. From snowshoe trekking through the Swiss Alps under the moonlight to taking a ride on the biggest swing in the world, the adventure sports that you will find in these destinations definitely won’t let you down.

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