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10,000 Steps in the City

//10,000 Steps in the City

It goes without saying that regular exercise is of the utmost importance, but with daily schedules becoming more and more packed, putting aside valuable time each day for a workout can be quite difficult. It was this exact dilemma that led to the popularity of the 10,000 step challenge, which actually originated in Japan in the 60s, and which the Japanese have been doing themselves for many years. Thanks to the modern pedometer, people all over the world are now taking on the 10,000 step challenge each day, walking their way to a healthier body and a happier life.

Daily Commute
One of the best ways to add a couple of thousand steps to your daily total is by incorporating more walking in your daily commute. If you work somewhere that is within walking distance, it will be relatively easy to do around a thousand steps each way, and if not, walking to public transportation will still give you some good exercise. If driving to work is absolutely unavoidable, try parking further away than you normally would, ensuring that you fit in a few extra steps before work.

Lunch Break
Whether you only have a quick fifteen minutes to grab a bite, or are enjoying a leisurely midday meal, you can easily fit in a large number of steps during your lunch break. If you usually have your lunch brought in from outside, make the effort to start fetching it yourself, or simply take a quick stroll before and after eating. If you work in an office, try to keep moving throughout the day, taking a few brisk walks around the office whenever you have the chance for a short break.

Woman climbing stairs

Take the Stairs
While buildings in big cities are usually equipped with elevators, taking the stairs will help to get your blood pumping, burning some calories while adding some steps to your pedometer. While this may seem like an inconvenience at first, taking the stairs as much as you can during the day will soon begin to come naturally to you, and you will not even consider taking the elevator after a while.

Explore Your City
Even if you have been living in the same city for all of your life, the beauty of cities is that they are always evolving, meaning that there are likely to be many new points of interest that you have not yet discovered. Rather than aimlessly walking around your block trying to rack up your remaining steps, spend some time each day exploring your local neighbourhood. Whether you wander through green city parks or window shop while you walk, discovering new elements to your city will make your time spent walking feel much more productive.

Studies have shown that people usually walk around 3000 steps on average each day, but in order to achieve optimum health, 10,000 is the number that is required. However, it is important to remember that this is not a strict figure to adhere to, and as long as you are staying regularly active, your health will still benefit.

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