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Weekend in Los Angeles

//Weekend in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a sprawling city with plenty to do. Plenty of people pass through it, but not everyone is staying long enough to take in the sights around the city as well as those in it. Fortunately if you’ve only got a weekend to spare, you can still take in plenty of what makes Los Angeles itself. A few suggestions from OROGOLD and you’ll be well on your way to figuring out how to make the most of a brief stay over. We’ll try to give you a flavor of what all there is to do with these suggestions, but highly recommend you check current events sites for any interesting things happening over the weekend you’ll be in Los Angeles. That way you can get a unique experience.

Take in Some Art
Los Angeles has its fair share of art museums and collections as well. Everything from classical art to modern art can be found stashed away in a museum somewhere. The Annenberg Space for Photography restricts its content to photo and video as their medium of choice, but offer truly stunning collections of each from artist the world over. By contrast, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a sprawling collection of buildings housing art of almost all descriptions. The problem with it is that the sheer size means you could end up spending your entire weekend wandering from building to building viewing all that you can. Anyone with a love of Westerns will want to see the Autry National Center that tries to give visitors a picture of both the real west’s history and the books, movies, and popular culture have created over the years.

Hollywood sign.

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Why wouldn’t you go see Hollywood while you’re there? The Walk of Fame is easy enough to find, and walking down it provides a testament to some of the greatest talent the entertainment world has ever known. The Walk of Fame is far from the only thing to do in Hollywood though. Studio tours make for an interesting look into the world where your favorite films are made and the opportunity to see any stars stepping out for a break during filming. You don’t have to content yourself with looking for them in the studios only though as everyone needs to eat. A myriad of local restaurants in the are used to having stars as guests in addition to everyone else.

Griffith Park.

Visit Griffith Park
If the urban sprawl starts to get you down, then consider ducking into Griffith Park. This park is huge by comparison to most city parks and is actually the one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. Not that you can always tell that it is park. You can readily wander through the greenery and quickly forget you’re in Los Angeles. Plenty of attractions are available in the more developed sections of the park though. Several zoos give you the chance to see exotic wildlife all while enjoying your time away from the loud cars of the city. But if you want to get fantastic views of the entire area, then head up to the Griffith Park Observatory. You’ll get wide panoramic views of the city and the Pacific all from one location.

Sure, a weekend really doesn’t seem like enough to experience Los Angeles and you’re technically right about it too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself visiting these places. It won’t be the full experience that a lingering trip offers, but you see some of the highlights of Los Angeles with minimal hassle. Don’t forget to consider visiting a beach though. OROGOLD hopes these suggestions help you make the most of your brief stay in Los Angeles.

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