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High End Luxury Shopping in Los Angeles – ORO GOLD Reviews

//High End Luxury Shopping in Los Angeles – ORO GOLD Reviews

High end and luxury shopping isn’t only simply for the stars of Hollywood anymore. There has been a steady uptick in the amount of women that desire the finer things in life, from all walks across the globe. With this, the need for luxury shopping districts are being born all the time – and what better place to incorporate these than the great big city of Los Angeles, California?
OROGOLD Stores is proud to present you with some of the best shopping districts in LA, and what you can expect to find there. We have located two of the best, and are detailing them here for you so when you take that vacation to Cali, or even if you live there – you will know exactly where to go and this takes the guesswork out of it for you.

The Grove
The Grove is Los Angeles’s premier shopping district. With its outdoor shops and stores, it’s beautiful to look at and is accessible and easy to navigate. The Grove is filled with many stores such as Coach, Michael Kors, MAC Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Barneys, Parabellum, J. Crew, and Apple. There are many others in which to choose from as well. The Grove offers something for everyone with its ability to cater to every taste with its wide selection of variety.
There are also restaurants, specialty food shops, and home goods stores. There are so many incredible stores and places to spend the day within this shopping district, you just may need a couple of days’ worth of time to really experience this fantastic place as best as you can.

Melrose Shopping District
The Melrose Shopping District was made famous by the hit 1990’s show Melrose Place. This is one of the best collective shopping districts in the country due to its spanning variety of shops all in one area. From boutique stores, antique stores, chic small chain shops, large designer brand stores, and even eateries, bakeries and bars, this place is the place to be if you desire quality, fun, and variety.
Some of the fantastic stores that can be found within the Melrose District are Agent Provocateur, Diesel, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, NARS Beauty, Chagoury, and many, many more. There are plenty of women’s, men’s, children’s stores as well as various art galleries and stores, home furnishing stores, and more.

The LA Fashion District
The LA Fashion District is the premier location for those looking to do a full day of shopping in a more laid back type of environment. The LA Fashion District, while offering high end designer labels, offers these items at wholesale prices to customers and has literally gained a worldwide reputation for its variety and deals. They are also planning on implementing 24 hour per day shopping due to the increase in popularity of the unique products, vendors and shops.
The Fashion District offers many brand name products such as purses, cosmetics, and clothing for women, men, and children, and even has a section for loft apartments and restaurants. If you are in LA and are on the hunt for something different and original, give this place a try for something unique.

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