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Top Adventure Destinations for Seniors – OROGOLD Reviews

//Top Adventure Destinations for Seniors – OROGOLD Reviews

The thought of dawn breaking over the savanna and your guide signalling you to a stop as a 10-foot tall elephant walks by right in front of you might not be your idea of an adventure anymore. Yes, we loved these things when we were younger, but for most seniors, adventure is something that is exciting, but culturally interesting as well. Things like walking safaris, hikes and adventure sports have always ranked among the top adventure things to do, but not so much when it comes to seniors. Many might believe that there aren’t too many adventure destinations that can delight the kind of adventure that most seniors would prefer, but OROGOLD Cosmetics discovered that there are all sorts of destinations in all parts of the world that are bound to attract adventure loving seniors and offer them with an exciting and enriching experience. In this article, ORO GOLD reviews some of these top adventure destinations for seniors.

Sri Lanka  

Sri Lanka might have been ravaged approximately 25 years of civil war and the 2004 Tsunami, but it has managed to emerge as one of the best travel destinations in the recent past. Sri Lanka is a unique adventure destination that boasts of a rich history and exciting culture. The island is home to a total of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including a city that dates back to the 5th century! It is also known to be extremely rich in its wildlife and the whale watching tours of Sri Lanka rank among the very best in the world. Other things that draw adventure loving seniors to Sri Lanka are its exotic tea plantations and those super exclusive tea plantation resorts and stylish hotels.


A number of seniors cannot miss out on a trip to Namibia because it offers them a chance to ride through the second largest canyon of the world as they enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and vast desert plains. The Fish River Canyon is the main draw of Namibia, but the presence of quaint townships, hidden natural gems, impressive scenery and ghost towns also make things interesting and exciting for the adventure loving seniors who yearn to explore this great country.


Romania might have emerged from the Soviet Bloc in economic ruin, but it has certainly managed to develop over the years. Tourism is breathing some much needed life and cash into the country and destinations like medieval cities, traditional villages and the Painted Monasteries of Northern Moldavia ensure that there is no shortage of adventure and culture lovers wanting to travel to the country. The Danube River also offers approximately 2200 sq. miles of lakes, islands, canals and marshes; which in turn create all sorts of adventure opportunities. Romania is also the place where one can learn more about Transylvania, the place that was made popular by the world famous author Bram Stoker.


The main highlight of a trip to Jordan is Petra, a hidden city that has entirely been carved out of a stone canyon in the southern desert. This historic city dates back to the 6th century BC and it is known to have been built by an Arab civilization known as the Nabateans. The surrounding lands also offer endless exploration opportunities in the form of numerous Roman ruins, beautiful nature reserves, breathtaking gorges and exotic plant species.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is famous for its eco-adventures. The country is politically stable and it has actually prioritized the protection of its breathtaking ecosystems, geography and biodiversity above all else. The country is home to magical places like the Montverde cloudforests and the Manuel Antonio National Park, beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery and all sorts of adventure activities like nature walks, hikes and white water rafting.

Czech Republic

Prague might have become a “hip” city that draws youngsters from all over the globe, but Czech Republic still remains high on the adventure lovers list. Skiing is its obvious highlight, but the wineries in the Moravian region and the beautiful nature reserves have become very popular among seniors. The country is also home to Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is renowned for its scintillating architecture and magnificent castle. 


China is opening itself up to the modern world and offering it with all sorts of sights and attractions that leaves people from all over the world spellbound. The mythical country is famous for its natural beauty and incredible culture. The rich history and the presence of modern day luxuries simply makes things all the more exciting. China is an ideal place to visit for all foodies and travelers can literally eat their way through the culinary landscape of China. The experience of picking up ingredients from local markets and cooking them under the tutelage of world famous Chinese chefs is something that very few foodies can miss out on.


Israel has been a major pilgrimage destination for centuries, but it has also emerged as a major adventure destination of late. In fact, studies have shown that religious tourism to Israel is in a decline, while general tourism is rising in leaps and bounds. The chance to float on the salt water of the Dead Sea, hike along the Masada and the Sea of Galilee and enjoy an array of water sports on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches of Israel is something that very few adventure travelers are able to resist. And when one does get bored of adventure, the country also offers its visitors with an amazing nightlife scene and rich cultural attractions. ORO GOLD fact. Israel is one of the only two countries that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its total number of trees!

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