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OROGOLD Helps You Find Adventure in Perth – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Helps You Find Adventure in Perth – ORO GOLD Reviews

Rocky sand landscape in Perth, AustraliaPerth’s magnificent climate makes it an ideal destination for anyone interested in natural beauty, outdoor living and adventure activities. There are all sorts of fun outdoor activities to see and do in Perth with a range of attractions located all over the city and its surrounding area. From exhilarating wildlife tours to beautiful trails, from mountain biking to snorkeling, OROGOLD‘s list of adventurous things to do in Perth is simply endless.

Wave Rock Day Tour
Wave Rock is famous for its beautiful natural formations that represent the image of the surf meeting the land. Wave Rock figures as one of the most popular natural landmarks in Australia and it is a must on your adventure “to-do” list while in Perth. The Wave Rock actually consists of a humongous granite rock that is almost 110 meters long and 14 meters high. This rock was formed by chemical weathering millions of years ago. Today, it is primarily famous because of its spectacular shape that represents a huge wave.

Yanchep National Park
The Yanchep National Park is popular as the natural meeting place in Perth. It offers visitors with an excellent Aboriginal cultural experience and is also famous as one of the oldest national parks in the state. The park is home to all sorts of flora and fauna. Some of its popular residents include the endangered Carnaby’s black cockatoos, kangaroos, all sorts of water and bush birds and koalas. Tourists can enjoy exciting picnics at the national park or go for the Aboriginal experience activity as well. This activity helps you to experience didgeridoo playing, watch spear throwing activities and learn more about the original custodians of the area. It is one of the best ways to experience the ways of the world’s oldest living culture.

Fremantle Trails
Fremantle might be dominated by the iconic Fremantle Prison, but it is also known to be extremely popular among adventure lovers. The place is home to as many as 11 self-guided walking tours which include the Writers Trail, Waterfront Trail, Discovery Trail, Retail & Fashion Trail, Art & Culture Trail, CY O’ Connor Trail, etc.

Adventure World
Adventure World is an exciting place to be for teenagers and adults alike. The park is home to white knuckle rides and a range of exciting roller coasters. Some of the most popular rides at the park include ABYSS, Dragon’s Kingdom, Kuhuna Falls and Bounty’s Revenge. The park is open throughout the month of December and on school holidays.

Swan Valley
Swan Valley is one of the most beautiful areas in the city that is famous for its breathtaking wineries and vineyards. Tourists can enjoy all sorts of tours of the Swan Valley, which are so much more than the run of the mill winery tour. What makes Swan Valley Winery Tours so different is the delicious wines, beautiful vineyards, amazing beverages, exotic food, rich chocolates, delightful cheeses and some of the best hosts in the world.

Peel Region
Irrespective of what you plan to do while in Perth, you can be rest assured of the Peel Region having something or the other for you. Peel Region is famous for offering almost 5600 sq. kms. of adventure and non-stop fun activities. Some of the best things to do in the region include marveling underwater wonders in a diving expedition, enjoying a game of golf at a world class golf course, tasting out award wining wines, dining delicious cuisines in a tent by the stream or checking out the beautiful ocean waves. The iconic Peel-Harvey estuary, famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and magnificent wildlife, is also located here. You can expect to check out more than 130 different bird species as well as the largest population of wild dolphins in Western Australia in the Peel Region. Some of the main adventure activities in the area include fishing, diving, boating, surfing, swimming, sailing, cycling, trekking, camping and windsurfing.

Whale Watching Cruises
Head over to the north of Perth to the Hillary’s Boat Harbour to enjoy a beautiful whale watching cruise. This cruise allows you to check out those beautiful humpback whales while they enjoy their annual migration to the WA coastline. This 2 hour cruise will take you on a guided tour of the area, helps you to explore the countless shops and cafes in the region and then take you on a boat to check out those beautiful whales. You can also visit the Aquarium of Western Australia which allows you to check out with rays, dolphins and seals as well.

Pinnacles Desert Tour
The Pinnacles Desert is located in the Nambung National Park. This desert is famous as the home to some of the eeriest limestone bricks that are scattered all over the desert. Each of these limestone bricks vary in their size with some rising to about 4m in height. The entire area screams of an “alien” atmosphere and it seems to have spurred countless conspiracy theories about the existence of aliens.

Rottnest Island Day Tour
A trip to the Rottnest Island opens up an exciting day of snorkeling, boating and wildlife watching for you. This tour shows you the various natural wonders that Rottnest has to offer and it also takes you on a 90 minute snorkeling adventure to show you the various aquatic animals that gave the island its well deserved popularity. These guided tours are an ideal way of understanding the island’s history, geography and animal life.

Valley of the Giants
The Valley of the Giants Tour is an excellent way to explore the gigantic trees in the Valley of the Giants in person. This beautiful valley is basically the home to the gigantic Karri trees and the ancient Tingle Trees. Imagine walking along an elevated walkway through tree tops that rise to a height of 44 meters. It definitely helps you to enjoy an entirely unique perspective about the plant kingdom. Apart from the treetop walks, Valley of the Giants Tours also includes a drive through the riverside suburbs, sumptuous picnic lunch and tours of the Donnybrook orchards.

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