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Singapore Grand Prix – Off the Track Highlights

//Singapore Grand Prix – Off the Track Highlights

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The 2015 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is set to be one of the best yet, with non-stop entertainment to keep you busy when you aren’t watching the races. OROGOLD takes a look at the off-the-track highlights at this year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Award-Winning Music Acts
With artists flying in from all over the world, you can be sure that the musical entertainment will be of the highest quality. One of the most anticipated acts is from superstar Pharrell Williams. With seven Billboard Music Awards and eight Grammys among many other accolades, Pharrell Williams’ debut performance in Singapore is one that OROGOLD is definitely looking forward to. Maroon 5 will also be performing some of their chart-topping hits, as will American rock legends Bon Jovi, who promise an unforgettable night of classic rock anthems. For those of you who are after something less commercial, OROGOLD suggests checking out The Sam Willows, a local pop band, as well as Dawn Ho, a local jazz and samba artist. Club-goers will appreciate the fact that the Mambo Jambo stage from the Zouk nightclub will be brought to the Circuit Park, with top DJs spinning your favorite tracks. Other acts that are not to be missed include the Dim Sum Dollies, a musical cabaret duo, VOX, a string quartet that plays reinterpretations of popular hits, and Vino Veritas, an energetic trio that plays European folk and gypsy jazz.

Circus Acts and Street Performers
For a truly unique performance, OROGOLD recommends heading over to the Strings on Fire duo, who combine fire with violin and tango, while performing radical circus stunts at the same time. Other daring acts that make use of fire include The Dancing Fire, a performance group that focuses on traditional, cultural dances, with the exciting element of fire included. Visitors will also be able to watch Duo MainTenanT, two former Cirque de Soleil artists who will be carrying out some amazing gymnastic manoeuvres. OROGOLD also reminds you to keep your eyes open for some of the roving artists who will be wearing superhero costumes – perfect for a brilliant photo op! Other roving artists include Jean-Christophe, an Australian illusionist, the Champagne Showgirls who are an American creative dance group, and Samba Brasil, an authentic Brazilian dance ensemble.

With so much constant activity to see and do, right from the moment that Circuit Park opens until it shuts its doors, you are bound to have an exciting weekend. While visitors are not allowed to bring any edibles into the area, there is plenty of food and drink available at Circuit Park from a variety of local and international establishments, so just be sure to bring enough cash. OROGOLD also reminds you to wear comfortable clothes and footwear, so that the heat and walking does not affect you too much. Finally and most importantly, don’t forget to bring your camera!

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