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Outdoor Autumn Activities for the Family

//Outdoor Autumn Activities for the Family

Although the long, sun-filled days of summer may now be over, that does not mean that can’t enjoy the outdoors. Instead, take advantage of all that fall has to offer for the whole family, from produce to festivals. Here are some of OROGOLD’s favorite outdoor autumn activities for the whole family.

Visit a Local Orchard or Farm
If you are lucky enough to live near an apple orchard, then fall is definitely the time to take the whole family there for a visit. Autumn is apple season, and many orchards will allow you to pick your own for a small fee. You are likely to find dozens of apple varieties that you can’t normally buy in stores, and it is always fun to discover these as a family. A local farm is also a great place to visit in the fall, as the season is peak harvest time for much of the produce. Of course, a farm that will let you pick your own pumpkins from their pumpkin patch is always one that OROGOLD would recommend, and, once home, you will all be able to spend hours together carving them.

Autumn Festivals
A visit to an fall festival will always prove to be plenty of fun for the whole family, as you will usually find something that appeals to each and every family member. From delicious autumn foods to fall-inspired fun and games, an autumn festival is a great way to entertain the whole family. If there aren’t any festivals being held near you, consider holding your own outdoor autumn party, with apple-bobbing, pumpkin carving, fresh cider and any other fun activities that you can think of. Of course, no autumn party is complete without some fresh corn grilling on the barbecue, another product of autumn that the whole family can have fun picking together.

Woman in a national park during autumn.

While a family outing to take a look at the fall foliage may not sound too interesting to any children, there are many ways that you can make the activity much more exciting. If you live nearby to a national park, take a look at the different options on offer, as many have special fall bargains for activities such as balloon rides over the park. A family bike ride, or even a family horseback ride through a trail in the woods, can also make the autumn colors seem even more stunning. Those of you who have crafty children can take advantage of all of the colors, shapes and textures all around you, and encourage them to collect the most beautiful leaves to bring home for arts and crafts activities later.

While spending family time outdoors in the summer may have been more appealing, autumn brings with it its very own special charm. Take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonders of the season with the whole family, resulting in some special memories that you can all recreate each fall.

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