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OROGOLD Reports on the Most Famous Sweet Indulgences Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Reports on the Most Famous Sweet Indulgences Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

It’s not every day we at OROGOLD Stores get to talk about sweet treats and eats from around the world, so as you can imagine, this is an exciting post to write! Almost everyone in the world loves sweet treats and delectable goodies, wouldn’t you agree? There’s nothing like craving something sweet and having it readily available, right there at your fingertips, whenever you feel the hankering for something yummy.

Today, OROGOLD is going to focus on a few sweet treats from around the world. Grab some willpower and hang on, because you are undoubtedly going to want to find something sweet to indulge yourself in after this!


Cupcakes are one of the world’s favorite sweet indulgences. Giant cupcakes gained popularity in America recently, and have even spawned numerous cupcake bakeries in many states and cities throughout the country. They’ve also gained quite a great deal of popularity in Canada and England, as well. Cupcakes are so much fun because you can create them to look any way you want to. By adding colors throughout the cake itself, you can change the overall appearance once it’s bitten into. You can write on them, sprinkle colorful sugar on them, or even build a stackable cake out of them. No matter what you do with them or how you eat them, cupcakes are most definitely first on the list due to their popularity.


Every woman can attest to this simple truth: chocolate is life.

Many people across the globe are fanatics when it comes to chocolate. With movies such as the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it sparked something within this generation and the generation of its pre-decessors and instilled a passion for this amazing concoction within all of us. Chocolate is very versatile in that you can eat it frozen on ice cream, melted with fruit, at room temperature, or even drin. You can it. You can put it in recipes, and give flavor to foods you would never imagine adding chocolate flavor to. Dark Chocolate varieties are bitter, as opposed to milk chocolate varieties, which are mostly made up of sugar. There are even health benefits to eating chocolate – studies show, when consumed every day, dark chocolate can improve mood, ward off cancer, and help with libido. Brilliant! All the more reason to love chocolate.


Baklava is one of those incredibly sweet pastries you will crave for once you’ve tried it. Originating in Turkey, it became a staple in many Mediterranean cuisines and pastry shops as well as throughout European regions. It made its way to the Americas and has become a favorite among many Holiday meals for dessert. Consisting of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey, this delectable and extremely rich dessert has earned a place on our list due to its popularity.

Turkish Delight

Another confectionary delicacy originating in Turkey, this world famous sugary deliciousness is comparable to fudge in consistency, and is usually filled with nuts, fruits such as dates, and dusted with powdered sugar. In England, this is one of the favorite confections sold at candy stores and other shops.

The above desserts weren’t difficult to choose for this amazing roundup of fantastic sweets, however narrowing down the list to just a short few was indeed difficult. OROGOLD Stores hopes you enjoyed this list of sweet treats, and encourages you to give one of these specialty desserts a try!

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