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Movie Travels – Seven Years in Tibet

//Movie Travels – Seven Years in Tibet

A film based on a true story, Seven Years in Tibet is one of the greatest travel films out there. From climbing the ninth highest peak in the world to learning about Buddhism philosophy in the Tibetan capital, OROGOLD brings you some exciting journeys that you can take, inspired by this eye-opening movie.

Nanga Parbat
At a staggering 26,650 feet, Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest peak in the world and, although it may be a Himalayan Peak, stands out from the others as it barely receives any snow. Known by locals as Killer Mountain, Nanga Parbat has taken many lives due to its severely harsh environment, so while OROGOLD wouldn’t recommend that you attempt to climb to the peak, there are many other exciting ways that you can explore the region. A traditional expedition called ‘Around Nanga Parbat’ takes you halfway around the mountain, where you are able to experience the many different facets of this majestic mountain. There are also many bustling markets and historical and religious sites in the area, giving you the opportunity to learn about local culture.

Potala palace, Tibet

Tibet is a difficult country to visit, as there are many travel limitations put into place by the Chinese. However, these restrictions do not mean that traveling to Tibet is impossible – with the right paperwork and a pre-arranged tour, you will be able to explore this magnificent destination. The landscape in Tibet is the biggest draw, and the spectacular scenery that you will encounter is truly humbling. Tibet is a highly spiritual place, and one that is likely to change your views on the world for the rest of your life, so OROGOLD highly recommends that you make the effort to visit.

Couple serving traditional milk tea in Tibet.

Travel Tips from the Movie
The main character in the movie, Harrer, is inspiring in many ways, and there are many travel lessons that we can learn from him. Harrer is persistent throughout the movie, and because of this, was one of the first westerners to be allowed to stay in Tibet, winning over a government that ordinarily bans foreigners. Harrer is also careful to always be respectful of local customs, never doing anything that would disrupt these. Finally, Harrer also took the time to learn to speak fluent Tibetan, which enabled him to befriend nomads and other locals along the way. While it may not be realistic to learn an entirely new language before setting off for your next destination, OROGOLD recommends committing a few important words to memory, as this will set you apart from the other tourists and save you from getting ripped off too much when shopping!

Harrer didn’t set out to try to visit as many countries as possible. Instead, he went to one city in one country, and stayed there for seven years, gaining a truly deep experience. For those of you who want your travels to touch your soul in an inspiring way, OROGOLD suggests choosing one destination for your next vacation and spending as much time there as possible, soaking up the local culture and heritage, and getting to know the people who have lived there their whole life.

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