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Most Exclusive Restaurants in the World

//Most Exclusive Restaurants in the World

There are some restaurants in the world that are truly a cut above the rest, whether it be down to a particular chef, unique ingredients or simply the dining experience as a whole, making tables at these restaurants extremely sought after. If you are looking for a meal that you will remember for a lifetime, take a look at OROGOLD’s list of some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world.

Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo, Japan
Those of you who are foodies are likely to have watched the documentary ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’, featuring Jiro Ono, 86, who was the first sushi chef in the world to receive three Michelin star. The restaurant, which only seats ten people at a time, is known to be one of the best in the world, with Chef Jiro’s legendary technique, as well as his use of unique and local ingredients, resulting in some of the best sushi you will ever taste. A meal here will take only about half an hour, with most guests opting for the 19-piece ‘Chef’s Recommended Special Course’, designed to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure. From the special grade of rice that is only available to Chef Jiro, to the ten-day aged tuna nigiri to the octopus that has been massaged by the chef’s apprentices for 50 minutes before serving, a meal at Sukiyabashi Jiro is truly unforgettable. However, OROGOLD advises that you make your booking at least three months in advance, to guarantee you a seat.

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
Noma is a two Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, that has made a name for itself due to the way in which the chef reinvents traditional Nordic cuisine. Ranked as the world’s best restaurant for 4 years, Noma makes use of indigenous ingredients, such as wild duck and raw botan ebi shrimp, and is always in tune with the seasons. If you want to enjoy a meal at Noma, OROGOLD suggests that you do so soon, as the restaurant will be moving to Sydney, Australia for a few months in 2016, before returning to Copenhagen in May. This is another restaurant that you would need to book well in advance for, as they receive an average of 20,000 enquiries each month, even though the restaurant only seats 45 diners at a time.

Central, Lima, Peru
After Central was named as the best restaurant in Latin America last year, securing a reservation here became extremely difficult. The restaurant celebrates Peru’s heritage and biodiversity, surprising guests with innovative Peruvian dishes. Much of the produce comes from the restaurant’s urban garden, while their water runs through their specially designed in-house filtration system. Some of the unique ingredients used include Tunta, a white freeze-dried tuber that dates all the way back to Inca times, Cushuro, a caviar-like bacteria that can only be found in the mountains after heavy rains, and Airampo, a brightly colored member of the cactus family.

OROGOLD loves enjoying a unique dining experience, and this is something that each of these exclusive restaurants guarantees. Whether you are tasting some of the best sushi in the world in Tokyo, or trying indigenous Peruvian ingredients for the first time, each of these restaurants will never fail to serve you up a once-in-a-lifetime meal.

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